April 27, 2013

T- Trail Rides

I love trail rides!  Nothing like being in nature with a beautiful horse as your companion.
With my lease horses I had some "trail riding" experience.  Willy and I did some trail rides though they were more road rides than anything!  I tried to ride Millie my lease horse but she shied at birds chirping and flying in trees...LOL. 

 Lately all the trail riding I have done has been with rental trail ride, touristy type rides.  These are fun for sure. 
My favorite is M Lazy Ranch in Lake George, Colorado.  They are in a really pretty are not far from Colorado Springs.  I've gone many times with my mom and the hubby.
As a kid I remember coming back to Colorado to visit family and having a trail ride, I think this was in Estes Park.
When I was in high school there was a stable called Greenland Stables in Virginia where you could rent a horse by the hour and ride on trails, unguided.  That was nice because my friends and I could go together and have a good time.  The horses were never the best because I'm sure inexperienced horse people would rent them and "ride" like crazy.
I look forward to riding Dani on trails.  I hope this summer with Kit Carson and my other horse friends I'll be able to get Dani in a trailer and out on some trails.  I'd like to try nearby local trails first, just in case anything happens.  Then eventually an overnight packing trip would be tons of fun!!!


Camryn said...

Camping with horses is the best. Even here in Ohio we can pretend to bo out West in Colorado ;)

SheMovedtoTexas said...

Trail riding is a lot of fun!