May 21, 2019

Getting in Gear

So it's been a long while since I've been on my blog and even longer since I've ridden Daenerys.  She and Chance have been doing fine at pasture.  We've been keeping up with the pastures.  Getting new bees since our didn't make it through the winter and I've been continuing with our garden.  I have a 4 x 4 patch of strawberry plants and have been able to make several strawberry shortcakes! 

Our grass is doing good for now but we are in a dry spell which is weird and things are beginning to look crispy.  Still, Ms. Mare is in her grazing muzzle religiously, much to her chagrin.  We had tons of rain earlier this year thus preventing me from riding so now we have the opposite.  Goodness, what's up with this?  I started a new job in April and I actually have Saturday and Sunday off now so I get to spend time with my hubby.  I'm hoping to get him more involved with his horse, aka riding.

I had Erin the area trainer out to freshen up both horses for riding since it'd been so long.  She did about 4-5 sessions with them and then they were ready for me to get on.  Guess who had the most attitude getting back into Daenerys of course.  I just recently hopped on Dani  for the first time and walked around the property.  It felt great!  Steve was having issues with adjusting his Aussie saddle on Chance so I'll have to stay on the ground next time and get him going this week but at least we took a step in the right direction.
I was very happy being back in the saddle even for a small amount of time.  I want to take it slow and gain my courage again.  After having spinal surgery I do worry what will happen if I fall but my fusions are good and I have the doctors ok so I should just go live my life right?  I'm still not a speed person but I see slow trail rides in the future!