April 23, 2013

R- Riding Club

Kit Carson is the oldest riding club in Colorado. Kit Carson Riding Club was formed in 1942 when a group of riders rode in the area of Fort Carson. They decided to form a club and call it Kit Carson because of the original Army base where the group had first rode. The club grounds are currently located in Colorado Springs on the north side near the intersection of Powers and Woodmen Road. The facility of Kit Carson has two large arenas, a round pen and the club house where meetings are held and food is cooked and served for the various events they host.
From kitcarsonridingclub.com
The club does Gymkanas throughout the summer, host trail rides in the area, and is getting into the Extreme Cowboy Association; they’ve built many obstacles on which to practice for this event. They also have other educational activities; upcoming will be a shooting clinic. The group also represents in many parades throughout Colorado! I think it would be sometime before Dani is ready to be in a parade but they are always in need of pooper scoopers!! LOL

I’ve only attended one meeting, I was not able to attend the April meeting due to having to work late that day! Ugh! The next event coming up will be a tractor and arena dragging training that I will hopefully be able to attend. I’m moving Dani to a new ranch May 4th and that’s the same day as the training. I hope to move her in the morning so I’ll be ready to do the training in the afternoon.

I’m so excited about getting involved with this club. I’m not sure how much gymkhana work I’ll ever do with Dani….I’m not a speed person but I’d like to see what it’s all about and the club always needs people to work on the concessions.

Dani’s new ranch is just down the road from the Kit Carson grounds, I’ll be able to just ride her down there during the week if I want to use the arena for riding or a lesson or if I want to bring her to some of the events that the club will be having. Many people in the club are more than happy to trailer your horse for the trail rides…hopefully I can do some work with her as I get to know people and practice getting Dani on a trailer.

I’m looking forward to getting to know this group and making some horsie friends!!


Emmi said...

This looks awesome!! I hope you meet many new horsey friends :)

Lauren said...

Neat! I think joining a riding club would be a lot of fun.