November 09, 2014

Serene Sunday

Beautiful fall day and a ride around the property.

Cutest pony ears ever!

November 03, 2014

Missing chunk

Dani come up missing a part of her mane.  

I love her mane so this was heartbreaking.  Generally it's not noticeable unless her mane is perfectly combed.  I've started a program from Manely Long Hair, there is a great detangler and then a hydrating conditioner that you can dilute into a spray in leave on conditioner.  The detangler is very slick and I recommend gloves since it's pretty messy.

The kit I purchased also comes with the smaller detangler brush the larger brush to brush out the mane and tail to keep it clean.  So far the system is very impressive and I'm hoping that having less tangle free hair will prevent future missing chunks.

After several days in the wind Dani's hair was very easy to brush and though it was dirty from her usual rolling on the ground.  It was excellent not having all those tangles in her mane.  Seems to be a great system so far!

November 02, 2014

Serene Sunday

Hanging with the pony on a windy Sunday

November 01, 2014

Jiggy Ride Near the High School

It has been very busy at work and at home I’ve been trying to catch up on things I’ve neglected like cleaning and organization.  When I’ve been at the barn it’s been for a quick hello to Dani and then a push to finish the trailer painting.  At least now it’s pretty much done with just door jams and similar areas that need painting and a period of time being left open to fully dry.

It also seems like ages ago that I went for a ride with M across the street to the high school.  I’d taken Dani for a walk over there once to see what it was like so felt we were ready for a little ride.  M and I went for the ride one evening when it wasn’t too busy outside with football practices and the school’s track team.

Honestly Dani was pretty good but again I had the issue that either she walks too fast or Scotty is a slow boy!  At times Dani was sort of jiggy and excited but she didn’t try to run off.  I felt like I was having to constantly slow her down and felt like I was just pulling on her mouth.  A few times she wanted to trot in excitement but a quick turn into a circle stopped that.

On the way home she kept tossing her head, I think a bug or something got in her nose because a large snort calmed her down and the head tossing ceased.  I’ve since purchased Julie Goodnights Kindle version of trail riding.  In that book there is a section about jiggy behavior and how to remedy that.  Since I don’t have access to the book right now as I write this here is what she wrote on her webpage answering the question from a lady with a jiggy horse:

“The solution that I have always had success with is to pick up high on the reins (sitting back on your pockets at the same time) when he breaks into the trot, and the instant the horse walks, drop the reins dramatically to a very loose rein, with your hands actually laying on the horse’s neck so he can feel them. He may only walk a step or two before he trots again, then pick up and release dramatically (the rein drop has to be very dramatic so that the horse notices).
Soon he will associate walking with a totally loose rein and that is what he wants (that is what any horse wants). Also, it really helps to concentrate on the walk rhythm and really sit down on him hard and make sure you are not tensing in your seat in anticipation of the horse breaking into trot. Often in this situation, people tense in their seat thinking that the horse is going to break into trot and pretty soon, the horse thinks he is supposed to be trotting because he feels the rider's weight shifting forward. So make sure you are sitting well back on your seat bones with loose and relaxed joints.
Trust the horse to walk on a loose rein. If you feel him tense up like he might trot, just sit relaxed. Do not correct him unless he actually breaks into a trot. That way he learns to trust you too and he learns that he is only corrected if he actually trots. Don’t get sucked into the vicious cycle of you pulling all the time and him jigging all the time.”

I have longer split reins on order, back order actually from Chicks Saddlery, that I will hopefully receive soon and it will be much easier to do this dramatic take up and release of the reins.  I’ll have to try this first when it’s just us and then again when Scotty is there.  I think Dani really has no opinion on riding with Scotty, I don’t think she’ll have an issue riding out alone but we shall see!

October 30, 2014

Nailed it!!!

This is going to be a very girly post.  I have never been able to wear nail polish for longer than a day, they chip or peel usually within the first six hours.

Forget wearing nail polish at the barn, there is no way. I always have short, short nails to.  I've since discovered some at home gel nail kits.  The system I've been using is called Sensationails.  The first test was with the light pink that came with the starter kit, see picture above.

I painted right over that after a day with a mauve color.  I was impressed it survived a grooming and hoof picking session!

So far I've tired a Cappucino color....

Then this lighter silver color which is called Disco Fever....

Finally what I have on now is a darker grey silver with blue and green tones.  I've moved my grandma, gone to the barn, cleaned the house, done dishes.....these gel nails rock and I'm slowly getting better at application (especially when I have to use my left hand to paint)

So just wanted to let horse ladies out there that have a desire for pretty nails that last, check out Sensationails or even Sally Hansen gel nails.  I love that I can go to the barn, groom Dani and then go to the store and not have to look at all the dirt under my nails or figure out how to clean under them before I can get home to running water.

October 29, 2014

What a Boon!!!

I feel special today!  I love watching and reading Julie Goodnight's shows and articles about horsemanship.  She has a great way of explaining things and breaking down issues into "digestible" parts.

Today, Julie Goodnight posted on her Facebook page that canter was the topic of the day; she and Heidi were working on an article for Horse Illustrated.  Somehow she had found my blog where I posted back in 2012 about the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo.  At the Expo she discussed a lot about the various gaits and I was excited about her input on canter transitions.

As you all know canter is the gait I've had most of my accidents and where most of my fear has sprung.  I look forward to the article since I think Dani and I can work on this very soon.

I have to say though, what a boon!!  Julie Goodnight's post on Facebook sent readers to my little itzy-bitzy blog where I ramble about everything, don't show my horse or compete, and often get off track from purely horsie things (kitties, trailers....etc) but I guess that describes a lot of us huh?  

Thanks Julie for the shout out!  I feel very special indeed and I think you know you have a groupie for life in me.  LOL

October 28, 2014


Scratches is an odd name for a form of dermatitis often occurring on the fetlocks. It is
caused by a bacteria that can infect stressed skin of the foot. Similar to rain rot, the skin is
exposed to wet and muddy conditions and can cause microscopic cracks whereby
infection can take hold. The bacteria is naturally occurring in the environment and thrives
in moist conditions where it can take hold on the lower legs of our equine pals.
Dani didn't really have exposure wet conditions before her scratches formed but I think it
could very well have been due to the wetting of her hing legs due to her hoof clipping
injury. In the past I think she had this once and I just washed her legs really well thinking
it was mud. It very well could have been scratches and she was subjected to muddy
conditions at that time. These scratches cases have been very mild compared to really red
and swollen cases I've Googled online.

I've been treating Dani using Shapley's MTG which has sulfur in it as the primary ingredient.  It's not as concentrated as the above process for making a paste with sulfur powder.  If this continued too long I would have made a more concentrated treatment.

Dani's foot after only one treatment
Above is Dani's foot after one application.  Pretty much as it was, I thought it was mud at first so didn't know to treat it right away.  It's not the type of "scratches" image that I have in my mind!  

A week later the hard crusts have fallen off mostly, much less "stuff"

This second picture above shows her foot after about a week of treatment, I didn't treat daily, maybe every other day when I could get out there and since some days were raining it didn't make sense to treat her since it would just wash off.  There were only a couple "dirt clumps"/scabs left the rest was just dirt.  

Here are her fetlocks now, much better.  I'm still applying the MTG for a couple more days.  It's good to know what a mild case of scratches looks like.

I'm glad the MTG worked well. As a prevention I plan on using No Thrush, a white
powder used for treating and preventing thrush in the hoof sulci. The label and website
also indidcates that No Thrush can be used to treat and prevent scraches. This is good to
know and since it's a powder that is easier and less messy to apply than MTG or a sulfur
paste I could make myself. 

MTG was simple to use but making a
concentrated paste with food grade sulfur is an option for a more difficult case. Zinc
olxide paste is another option stated by a vet. Diaper rash cream contains this. If needed
the area can be wrapped for a couple days to keep the ointment on the skin longer.
Now that I'm aware what mild scratches looks like I can be more vigilant on spotting and
treating it.

October 19, 2014

Serene Sunday

Dark evenings painting the trailer.....

Little black kitty doesn't like it when I leave.

October 14, 2014

Hold backs and hold ups

Steve and I got some hold backs put on the trailer doors.  I'm loving these with the windy days we've been having!  The tack room door was odd since it doesn't open all the way and lay flat against the body of the trailer so I purchased a couple different types before finding this rubber one with an angle bracket and extender.

I'm also happy that these hold back don't look as much like a penis as a lot of others.  Sorry but I don't want to have a penis sticking out of my trailer sides!

Rust treatments on the inside of the trailer caused an issue on the outside after a heavy downpour.  The window railings dribbled the black stain down the outside of my trailer.  I have to retouch this area!  Darn it!  Now that I was able to get out and prime a bit inside this won't happen again but I'm hoping that I'll have the inside totally painted within the week.  

Time is short with temperatures dropping and I want to make sure the temperature is appropriate for proper paint cure.  I plan on painting the entire inside and adding a rubber coating to the baseboards in the future.  I just don't know if I'll have the time to do that now.

Frustrated that I have to repaint this area or try and clean it but it could have been worse I guess.  

October 09, 2014

20 Questions

Here are some questions I found on Cash’s Steppin Up Blog.  She found 10 at one site and 10 at another.  It’s fun to answer this stuff so why not!

1. Is your horse spooky or bombproof? 

Dani is somewhere in between.  Her biggest issue is scary sounds.  For the most part she is pretty sensible and thinks things through.  Her spooks are more a start and stare type which I certainly like compared to spinning or running off

2. Does your horse have a long or short stride?

Shorter stride, at least that’s how it feels her walk is very active and her trot can be jolting but we are working on it.

3. Describe your current barn in 3 words? 
Peaceful, caring, pasture

4. If you could switch barns, would you?
Only if I found one really close to my house or had to move or was bringing my mare home to my own barn (someday!)

5. What is your favorite brand of breeches? 

6. How many blue ribbons do you have? (Red if you live in Canada or Britain). 
None.  I don’t do competitions

7. How many saddle pads do you own?
I think I own around 5 saddle pads.  I’ve tried a few and sold ones I didn’t like.  Currently I use a felt pad and a pretty cover blanket for my western saddle.  Still have another one that I’m hanging onto and then I have my regular English green pad with a slip pad underneath for my dressage saddle.

8. Is your horse your phone background/lock screen?
I tend to change it a lot. Dani is on there often!

9. Do you go trail riding often?
Not yet but hope to very soon!  I may be going on a ride off the property with M sometime soon

10. Favorite horsey movie? 
Hidalgo perhaps? Dreamy man and pretty horses….can’t complain

And another set of questions found on Chasing the Dream!

1. If your horse was a person, who would they be? (you can generalize personality if you can’t think of someone). 
I'm not ever someone to really pay attention to stars so I'll just generalize Dani.  She's inquisitive, smart and responsive.  She aims to please but certainly has moments where she will NOT do something and you have to argue smartly with her.  You have to be fair with her, she dislikes anything she finds unfair.  She is dominant and will test that with you but will respect you if you show her you are boss and then she's happy to be with you.  She's pretty laid back most of the time and pretty easy to work with.  She can sometimes be like "That was a hell of a thing."

2. What is one (or two…or five) piece(s) of equipment you CANNOT live without. 
Rope halter and 14 ft lead

3. When did you start riding/ what discipline?  
I started when I was 8 and rode huntseat

4. Do you have a barn dog? If so, what breed? 
Nope.  My dogs have been to the barn but they are not very horse savy.  The new barn I'm at the owner has a large mastiff female.  She's very sweet and nice to be around but I don't like the slobber effect.  LOL

5. Do you like doing stalls or nah? 
I do, and I miss caring for Dani myself but I know she is happier being on pasture 24/7.  Someday I'll be back to caring for her myself when she's in my own backyard.

6. What treat(s) does your horse go nuts over?
Any!  I rarely give her treats because she won’t leave me alone afterwards and will wiggle her muzzle into every pocket

7. If you've switched disciplines, why? If not, also why.
I ride more western now.  Honestly I like the security and comfort, I feel safer doing faster gaits in the western at this time plus more places to put saddle bags for when I do trail rides.  I do like my dressage saddle and find I can feel the horse better and it’s great for training lateral movements etc.

8. What is your least favorite discipline and why?
I’m not into bucking bronco rodeo stuff.  I don’t see the point in riding a bucking horse.  I feel bad for the horse and think the riders have a few screws loose.  It doesn’t go with the natural horsemanship philosophy and working with the horse to have a partnership.  I can't stand that cowboy up, male machismo type attitude.

9. Who is currently your favorite rider/trainer? 
Julie Goodnight, she is awesome

10. What is your BIGGEST pet peeve regarding horses? 
I think when people are closed minded about how things are supposed to be done.  There are many ways to reach and end and we can always learn from each other.  Even if we disagree on how to work with a horse on a certain thing we need to just live and let live.