Shortly after Dani arrived from CO I knew we would need to find her a friend.  We hoped to find a rideable horse and since we had just moved we didn't really have the funding to spend a lot.  I decided to look at rescue agencies around the area.

One had people listing their horses for rehoming.  A lot of the horses were very nice seeming, one stood out.  He was an Arab that had been used for trail and driving.  His owner had him since he was 18 months and was at the point in her horse life where she needed a younger horse to do competitive trail riding.  She also has a smaller property so couldn't keep as many horses on her property.

Chance is 17 years old and seemed to be just what we were looking for.  I drove 2 hours to go see him and was impressed with his personality and training.  He was full of beans that day but when I rode him he seemed hesitant.  We then got into a pretty decent groove as we rode around the lady's friend's arena.

After discussing it with the hubby we decided to adopt him.  We made a donation to the rescue agency and wrote up a contract with his owner.  She was pleased to rehome him and also pleased that we were more than open to her coming by and visiting when she wanted to.

Dani seemed to like him but I think she enjoyed to have a gelding she could boss around.  They follow each other around the pastures and when one is being worked with the other doesn't seem to happy for the separation.

Chance has settled in nicely and we did finally get a saddle for him so we can start getting to know how to work with him.

He's a cutie pie and a gorgeous horse to watch when he is prancing about the pastures.  I've ridden Dani around the outside of the property and that has made Chance gallop around the pastures with his flag tail up in the air.

As time goes on we'll bond and click with him like we did Dani I'm sure.  

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