September 03, 2017

Barn doors

Our hay room barns doors were falling apart and since we rearranged the hay room so we can stack the hay completely against the one wall I'll be accessing the room from these doors instead of inside the barn aisle.  We needed new sturdy doors that would function for this.

The most easily accessible picture I have of the old doors is this photo of me moving a planted water trough to our front side yard.  Love my tractor!

Steve is the man and got all the supplies he needed and went to work.  He made them so lovely!  We'll be figuring out better steps than my improptu blocks that happened to be lying around the property.  It's always one step at a time.

Of course now I need to get them painted and paint the entire barn, we have the paint just the time and not really hot weather is our preference.  This will give me motivation.  We still have to fix a few of the lighting switches so that they make sense for how we are arranging things and then we will install a fence near the new hay door to expand the wormhole area for the horses.  It will give them more space when they aren't in the pastures.

Ponies are doing well, haven't ridden in a few weeks.  Been working on a scuba certification and then also went to the beach to relax for a few days.