April 10, 2013

I- Indoor Arenas

I've ridden in a few indoor arenas.  They mostly are all pretty much the same.  Some of them the substrate is much better kept up meaning regularly dragging and watering the sand base to keep areas from getting hard and compact.
Some arenas are smaller than others but are mostly the same type of building, a metal sided structure with lights, often times mirrors and a smooth board around the outside of the riding area. 

Some are huge like the above on that was located at Vantage Point Farms.  Others like Lauries are still a really good size and have fantastic footing.  I've always loved the smell of her arena after she's just watered it, very earthy!

The one that was located at Willy's barn was smaller in size and odd shaped because two corners were used as sitting areas and storage.  Still it was a good space to ride in, something that would be more affordable if I need to build one on a future property.

I enjoy the large on at Whispering Winds Farm.  There is a enough room for multiple riders to work in the arena and they do drag and maintain the substrate pretty regularly.  I like being out of the wind and cold or bad footing during winter.  I hope I can have on when I have acerage because it lets you ride when ever you want.


Marissa Rose said...

In california, I've never seen an actual indoor arena. Most of the barns have covered arenas, which work perfectly well for us. Seems cheaper as well! Ours right now is covered, and one side has a wall because the opposite side is hay storage, and then a second side is a barn, and then theres a wall on the opposite side of the barn. Its actually wonderful, because its a little more enclosed,but still really open!

Lauren said...

Texas has mostly covered arenas too, but even that is rare. Most of the ones just have outdoor rings.