July 18, 2018

I'm still here! Ponies, Garden and Stuff

Everything has been good, I had a 6 week recuperation, 3 with a silly collar around my neck but I have no pain anymore.  I only have my left pointer finger that sometimes feels off.  Not numb or tingling but just different.  Can't complain since my entire arm was having issues before the surgery.  I'm off riding until my vertebrae fuse so possibly this fall but maybe longer.  Bummer.

The ponies are doing well though hanging out and I can groom now and do chores again.  That was hard for a while when I couldn't even pick up poop.  Not that it's my favorite thing to do but it has to be done and often!  Oiy.  I have a good husband and great friends that were staying with us and mucking out.

We started a garden and have been harvesting a decent amount.  Now it's almost overgrown, not like the picture below.  Been battling some bugs and hoping I get tomatoes though.  We also have potatoes and then Steve is growing cucumbers and pickling them.

Bees are doing good too but that would be a whole other post.  Just been so busy and having some challenges at work with a change in schedule which is better for my health but harder to regulate my off time without just getting lazy and watching TV.  I hope this post finds everyone well.  Just wanted to say I'm back from outerspace!