April 18, 2013

P- Posting

I've been doing a lot more posting on my blog because of this A to Z challenge and it's been hard.  Sometimes I just don't want to blog if I don't have anything interesting to say or if I want to write about something I'm not familiar with but I think it's been a good challenge!
But this post is not about all the posting I've been doing but about posting the trot!  I've only trotted Dani twice for short bursts.  I think my problem was I was trying to sit the trot and I really need to start with posting.  Her trot may not be the best to sit until we work on collection a little bit more.
In posting you rise with the forward motion of the outside front shoulder, it's more of a forward rise with your hips and often you can better control the speed of your horse by how "active" your posting is.  To change diagonals when you are on the incorrect one (meaning you rise with the inside shoulder).  Sometimes people rise way to high when they post and that can be hard on the horses back but again it takes practice....something I need to get back into is trotting more.
On the trail if you are trotting and posting there really isn't an inside or outside like while riding in an arena.  Endurance riders will often switch the diagonal they are posting to in order to change the forces on the horses back, motion etc.  Posting certainly makes a horse more comfortable during the trot, even though a good sitting trot should not hurt their back...it just takes a lot to learn a good sitting trot!  It's also great exercise!!!


Kalin ♥ said...

This post was 100% perfect for me. My Quarter horse has the ROUGHEST trot I've ever seen. My mother, friend and other family who owned him before me have ridden so many horses, they've shown, they are very into horses and know a lot, they have all said Red has the roughest trot ever! Hahaha! I've only been seriously riding since...We'll say December or so. Red had to have about two months of healing and etc when I got him before I could ride a lot, and his trot made me catapult forward into the saddle and almost fall off. I'm getting used to it now, but I have an awful habit of grabbing onto the horn, I use Western saddles, and holding on because his trot jolts me so much...I REALLY need to learn to post better. :))
Kalin from Sittinginthesaddle.blogspot.com (A first time horse owner's blog/diary)

lytha said...

my endurance mare preferred me on one diagonal and would bump me back onto it if i switched. it was hard to maintain the one she didn't like.