July 29, 2012

The search BEGINS!!!!

 I started my search for horses with one mare, Prizms Esprit.  She is owned by a friend of Laurie.  A Russian bred mare, 4 years old and untrained.  She has issues with her feet and doesn't like them worked on so her feet are not in the best condition.  One or two trims will get them perfect.

Amy was working with her in picking up her feet, she seemed to be doing okay.  Not much different than when I tried to pick up Pstars feet (aka pulling them back and kicking out a little) but Esprit knows Amy and apparently for the farrier it's a big ordeal...Pstar is not skittish with Laurie picking her feet nor the farrier.  I'm not comfortable with horses that are that abrupt with their feet.  She's not mean or trying to "get you" she's just young.

I didn't know how to evaluate an untrained horse, she doesn't even longe but that's simple enough she could learn.  So I just led her around.  I also discussed later with Laurie what a training program would look like.  I think personally she'd have to be in training at least two months for me to feel comfortable and then with the upfront vet costs this "cheaper" mare would be pricer than some horses I've seen that are under saddle.  Sure those horses are maybe an arab cross, older by a few years and not so fancy looking but I think in the long run it's a safer bet that I'll be happy with a horse that has a few more years and some experience.

But just LOOK at that pretty face!  I tried so hard not to fall in love, she is a sweetie!  Luckily my husband reminded me of what would really make me happy, a horse I can relax around and enjoy trails with.  Maybe in a few years that would be Esprit but I do want that now, I've waited 32 years to get a horse I should be able to enjoy them as fully as possible right away.  Sigh.