I began searching for my first horse at the end of July 2012, as soon as the hubby and I got back from Cancun.  You can view my horse shopping adventures here.

I found several horses that I loved, one mare was just too small otherwise I would have certainly taken her home.  She was soooo much fun to ride! 

Then I found a gelding I was interested in but not too sure about.  He was a little nervous around me but I was going to have Laurie look at him.  Alas he became sick and I couldn't look at him again for another week or so.

In comes a cute little Morgan mare.  I met her on a Sunday with my husband.  We loved her!  She was very personable and responsive to ride.  There was something special about her.  The next day I had off and asked if my trainer was available to take a look at her.  She was!!!  So the next day she did an evaluation, she loved her.  The ball started rolling then!  I got a vet out and eventually the stars aligned and Dani was moved to her new home and is now officially mine! We began our journey on October 8, 2012.

I went through many ideas for names, as you can view here.  Maggie, the barn name she came with just didn’t work for me because it made me think of the Simpsons.  Steiner Honor is her registered name.  I really liked Kahleesi after the Khal Queen Daenerys.  Daenerys is a very sweet, moral and strong character in Game of Thrones.  She has a gentle heart but when there is injustice or mistreatment of people she becomes very forceful about correcting those wrongs.  I found out Kahleesi is a disease (calicivirus in cats) so I couldn’t think about naming my mare that.  Instead I named her Daenerys (dan-air-is) after the birth name of this strong Game of Thrones character.  Daenerys Stormborn of the house Targaryen and the one true heir to the throne, is the mother of dragons having hatched three eggs given to her as a gift by walking into a pyre of fire.  In this series dragons had not been seen for 100’s of years.  Yes I'm a dork!  I mostly just call my mare Dani, it suits her quite well.

Anyways Dani was born on May 28, 1999.  She's feisty and friendly, very in your pocket (aka I can't give her treats by hand or she won't leave me alone).  She has given me confidence to ride and do ground work.  I’m still slowly working up to faster riding and trail riding because the scares I received around the time I started to horse shop.

On May 4, 2013 I moved Dani to a new boarding facility closer to my home and down the road from the Kit Carson Club that I recently joined.  I found out some disturbing news and was warned about the ranch so decided to move Dani to Kit Carson on  May 11th.

Though I loved Kit Carson's horse area and caring for my baby I just couldn't get over that she didn't have the pasture and space I knew she loved.  We spent a year in the KCRC facility but in August of 2014 I moved her further out east to a great facility that had a base rate for board and then charges what they actually feed.  Dani had a huge pasture on the 60 acre property with friends and received one on one care like I would give her.  

Then something big happened in 2015.  My husband and I decided to move to North Carolina!  We sold our house in Colorado Springs, found a place with several acres and moved all our critters back east.  Dani was shipped professionally and now resides in my backyard!  We also have a second horse named Chance.

Thanks for coming along on this journey!