April 08, 2013

G- Guns

Ken McNabb had one of his shows about how to get horses used to gun fire.  I couldn't find a clip but these were entertaining.  They show what a lot of people want as the end result.  Of course safety first and lots of training and desensitizing.  Plus ear plugs for the horse since a lot of times these guys are shooting right near them!

I don't think I'd ever want to shoot from horseback but getting my horse used to scary sounds like this could do a lot for making her less spooky, not that she's a spooky horse!  I think it would be awesome to see this in person!  Hope you enjoyed both these videos.  I got a kick out of them, makes me want to go shoot skeet or clay pigeons or some such thing!


Camryn said...

I watched it too. Very interesting.

Lauren said...

Cool videos!

Christie Maszkiewicz said...

Yeah...the first one is obviously a silly one but when I first saw it I was thinking it wouldn't be. I almost fell on the floor laughing so I had to post it!

The second is awesome! So fantastic!!