July 20, 2015


Okay, the wait is over.  I can tell everyone.

Phew!!  That was killing me!  

My husband, as many know, travels for work and comes home on the weekends.  Being in Colorado he often doesn't even get an entire weekend home because he has to make sure he arrives at his contracted job in time on Monday morning.  Most of his work has been on the east coast.  He's applied and interviewed for positions and even been offered some but they didn't really fit what we desired.  We finally decided to make a choice to just most to the east coast to an area where there are opportunities for me and will land us in the same time zone.  I also want to throw in there that my brother who's been my best friend since I was born lives in SW Virginia with his awesome wife and the coolest nephew I could ask for.

 With all of this thought process we decided on the Research Triangle area of North Carolina.  So we spent nearly a month getting the house ready for sale after finding out the market was actually doing quite well in our city.  We listed our house on July 1st and had an offer after 9 days.  Actually we had three offers!  Needless to say we are under contract and have gone through the difficult hoops of inspections and sewer line scoping (yuck!).  

I'm sad to leave the state I love and a lot of family I love but there is family out east I've missed as well.  I also miss my husband and know that we'll be able to spend more time with each other....and eventually get that elusive second horse and there is talk that Steve wants to seriously look at some donkeys....

So that brings me to ponies....we are searching for horse property.....squeeeeeee!!!!!!!  Nothing outlandish or fancy.  We want about 5 acres (or more!) but have seen properties that are smaller than that and well set up for horses.  We'll just have to see what seems to be a good fit for us.  Dani will stay in Colorado until we move into the new house, hopefully it will only be a few weeks without my dear girl but at least I know where she is boarded takes care of her like she is there own personal baby.  We are going to ship her professionally since I feel being with other horses will be less stressful than being alone for 3-4 days in my horse trailer.  It's crazy stressful and now that housework is gearing down a bit it's time to get back into that trailer loading!   I know the professionals will do fine but I want to give them a better chance of easy success.

I'm excited since this also means a leap of faith for me in trying to find work in the area but there are tons of biology and environmentally related jobs in that area.  I may take some biotech courses at a local college too in order to brush up on some science skills I haven't used in a while.  I have a Masters in biology and though I have a great job and work with great people I have come to the realization that I'm still too young to give up on my dreams.  Problem is I have many dreams.  I love working in labs and working in field studies, a big love during college and grad school was entomology.  I think there are more bugs in North Carolina....at least that is what I hear!  ;-)

It will be an adventure and I will document it all here as I am able.  It surely will be very busy over the next month or two.  No, there will not be any great posts about trail rides or EXCA competitions.  That wasn't in the cards this summer....wow how things change.  Hope all is well in the blogosphere!  Talk to you all soon!