April 16, 2013


Yes I haven't posted the L post yet but I'm behind like crazy with this challenge and this one was easy to write!!!!
I’ve always wanted a gelding, I figured they were more laid back and I think a lot of times that’s sort of a correct stereotype, but not always.  Mares are pretty smart though, not that geldings aren’t, but since mares tend to be the leaders of a herd they have a different mentality that can be interesting to work with at times....yeah interesting, let's use that word!  At times they can be challenging  because they will let you know their opinion of what ever it is you are doing!
I’ve noticed more tail swishing with mares, more foot stomping and head shaking.  I’ve also noticed a lot of willing attitudes that they seem to step up to the plate and work hard once they understand what you want.  It could also just be the mares I’ve ridden recently.  Divine will work hard but has some sass at times, so does my girl.  Dani certainly has sass and will definitely tell you her opinions and frustrations but she truly understands her reward and will then go on willingly once she is secure with her task at hand. 
Dani is also higher in the herd rank, she’s not the top so she also has more of an opinion about being told what to do.  Perhaps that's the key, since I think a higher ranking gelding would have the same type of "attitude".  Dani's not blindly compliant; getting her to see that you are the leader and the one to trust in all situations is the important point in working with her.  It’s a work in progress because I need to be confident in myself to truly be the leader.

Mares like to try and eat cell phones!
I’ve still got a lot of ground work to do with Dani and now that the round pen is thawed out I’ll hopefully get some more work with her.  I will most likely start over with the Clinton round penning and get her cantering out instead of just trotting.  Her attitude certainly showed up during the round penning but I don’t know if it necessarily is related to her mare-ness just her wanting to be the top mare.  She’s had lots of relaxed time in her life and here I am suddenly asking her to do something!! 
My opinions on mares have changed since I first started riding again, I used to be biased about geldings and thought that I would only search for geldings when the time came to purchase.  I don’t see a big difference, it more comes down to personality and I think where the horse usually ranks in a herd.  Mares minds may have developed to be more diverse in thoughts than the male horse mind; they lead the herd, raise a baby etc etc.  Either way mares and geldings both make great mounts. 
Let’s see how Dani is during estrus though…I could change my tune!


Kalin ♥ said...

I myself have always loved geldings and stallions, never been a huge mare fan. Not sure why. Don't get me wrong, I love the mares at my barn to death, but I just never really wanted a mare. My own gelding(His name is Red) got bullied a lot by the other geldings out at the barn and he took it for a couple months. He created his own little herd of three or so horses and he was the leader, then, another gelding, the leader of the whole barn to be honest, decided he wanted those mares Red had in his herd back. My friends who work/board at the barn looked outside to see my gelding who normally takes all the bullying chasing after the mean gelding who bullied him the most with Red's favorite mare by Red's side! So, geldings apparently can be sassy too! ;)
Kalin from Sittinginthesaddle.blogspot.com

Camryn said...

I think mares have more ballz than geldings. Literaly LOL.

SheMovedtoTexas said...

I do think mares are smarter, but for me I'm a gelding person.

Ruffles said...

Im a mare person!! All the mares Ive worked with have a lot more spunk and 'try' in them. They give 110% all the time - which I really like. Even if it means that some days they give 110% being a pain in the butt.