February 28, 2015

Braving the Cold to see Daenerys

The roads are much better today so Steve and I headed out to the barn to see Dani.  I figure'd she'd enjoy a roll in the snow with out her blanket and a good grooming.

Though there are feet of snow on the ground, the horses are looking their natural winter coats rapidly!

Steve enticed Dani with treats but we couldn't get her to trot about and I wasn't about to get the stick and string to make her move.  Still too many large drifts I didn't want an overly excited mare.

It was in the teens and Steve and I were bundled up in snow pants, gloves, hats and warm coats.  Dani was fine with and without her turn out blanket.  Her coat is always so pretty in the sun even if she needed a good grooming.

The next warm day that comes along I'll be trimming her fetlocks since this is the time of year she could more easily get scratches again.  I'll trim her and give her legs a good cleaning and apply some preventative on her problem areas.  So far so good, she only has a small spot on her front white leg.

The snow blows a lot out east so some areas were bare and others were halfway up her cannons.  Other areas were drifts I'm sure would come up above her knees even!

I didn't ride but it was good to play with her and groom her.  I still love that we arrived at the barn, got out of the car and a few moments later the littler red mare had recognized us and nickered softly.  I love my girl so much!  I think we are both ready for warmer weather!

February 26, 2015

Cold and Snow

Last weekend I spent most of my time indoors until I had to shovel snow.  I'd seen pony on Friday and she was prepped and ready for the snow.  There are benefits to boarding full care!

Our front porch mini spruce, Piney Pete, was loving the snow.  What a happy conifer!

Aside form a brief interlude on Tuesday and Wednesday morning, the week has been very snowy and cold.  February and March tend to be the snowy cold months in Colorado.  We'd had many days and weekends where temperatures ranged from the 50-70s with sunshine and fun.  We were spoiled.

Soon enough though the time change will occur and I'll have more opportunities to go out to the barn and actually do things with Dani.  Once the snowy weather passes we'll have a chance to get ready for some trail riding....aka trailer training.  I'm feeling antsy about my winter ending and the warmer weather coming.  Still....snow sure is pretty to watch falling outside my office window.

February 21, 2015


This weekend in Colorado there is supposed to be a large amount of snow.  The Emergency Operations Centers are on alert. Sadly I probably won't be able to see my pony this weekend.  I ran out after work on Friday to give her a hug and kiss.  I'm really missing her since last weekend with a pulled neck and snowy weather again reduced my pony time.

When I got out to the barn the skies were clearing from a flurry that had occurred that evening.  The sun was out and setting so it was actually pretty beautiful though cold.  Dani was looking good and cute in her blanket.  The barn owner was blanketing everyone in order to avoid having to chase horses around in the middle of blustery winds.

Beyjo is the arabian gelding that is now hanging out with Dani.  They like each other but the Arab tends to be bossy and mean about food.  Not sure if he is the boss horse but Dani steers clear of his heels at feeding time.  He's a cute little bay but very skittish.  His owners don't work with him that much.  I felt bad one day since he had a huge tornado knot in his silky black mane.  I got some of my Manely Long Hair product and worked it out for about 30 minutes.  Today I saw it's nice and silky.  This product is great!

Dani and Beyjo get fed last since the older mare, silky a cute palomino is 30 and needs enough time to get her food in her belly.  She is fed in the pen at the front of the pasture while Dani and Beyjo look sad and half starved.  She's just wasting away isn't she?

I gave her a few treats and just hung out with her while she watched N bring alfalfa to the chickens and no hay to her.  Eventually when Silky was pretty full Dani and Beyjo got their food.  

As the sun set and the wind picked up a little it was getting time to head home.  We should be getting the bulk of the storm between Saturday and Sunday.  Drat.  At least the time change is coming and I may be able to start getting riding in during the week after work.

As I left Dani was munching away at her hay and Silky was off by her hay tub near the run-in shed.  All ponies seemed content.  I'm glad Dani is here.  When I can't ride she still has lots of room to run and ponies to play with.  Still I await the day when she can be in my back yard. 

Here's hoping next weekend is more riding friendly! 

February 11, 2015

Ride Around the High School Running Path

I forgot my pony's pedicure appointment!!!  Luckily my farrier and my barn owner are awesome.  My farrier clipped Dani's hooves and M held her.  I was so thankful when I showed up later at the barn.  They were so great about it.  I always have things in my calendar for the pony!  My phone died the night before so I'm going to blame that I didn't get a reminder.

Well, aside form the crazy beginning of the day my ride with Dani went really well.  We are working on bridling a little since she's having some resistance issues.  I did something to upset her so now I"m having to rework our procedure and get Dani back to her happy content self.  It will take a little time and patience.

I decided today was the day to ride over to the school and go around that path.  Dani was alert and looking around but not nervous.  As we passed some run in sheds on the property next to the school she seemed a little nervous.  There was a big cattle truck parked there and a couple of horses.  I don't know if was nervousness or curiosity but I cued her to move on and she did.

As we got to the area of the path that was behind the school we passed a trailer park that had some fencing and a couple dogs that ran out after we passed and barked up a storm; luckily contained within their fencing.  One little start was all I got from Dani but I could feel her uncertainty so I stroked her neck and we kept moving.

She doesn't try to run or turn away from scary things which is good.  She will start in place, kind of a jumpy stop.  Sometimes she snorts at the object.  I hope to keep it this way; together it feels like we are gaining more confidence.

The next area we passed was the little cemetery.  I didn't take a picture and I need to, so pretty.  There were no issues there just some muddy spots we walked around.  Dani was not jiggy at all but she certainly walks faster when she's in a new area.  She's just more alert is all.

Afterwards we crossed the road again and headed back up the barn's driveway to our trailer.  I try to dismount in different areas so she doesn't get in the habit of stopping right at the trailer for me to dismount.

Dani had a small cut on her inner hind fetlock and then her front white fetlock had an area that looks like the starting of scratches.  I'll have to keep up on all her legs since the weather has been wet and then dry and then wet again.  She seems to be prone to scratches.  At the end of February I'll be trimming her fetlocks since the muddy season will most likely be in full swing by then.  As the weather warms and the footing is good we'll be getting back into trailer training I think!  I really want to get out and about this spring and summer with my girl.  I think she'd really excel with trail riding!

February 09, 2015

February 02, 2015

A Tale of Two Kitties

It came from above.  Dani didn't see it at first....but she knew it was there.  Stalking on the stall panels like a demon.  The mare was worried.  Should she fear for her life.....or her sanity?

The silver one appeared as if to say hello between the stall panel bars with it's cute little stripes and it's hazel eyes.  Awe yes, misdirection!!

The other one, with it's innocent looking copper eyes, attacked the human, clawing at her legs with the ferociousness of a butterfly.

Then the silver striped one approached the mare with a purr. "Oh, I guess you aren't so bad," said Dani in relief.  "Not at all beast of burden!  I shall free you from the ties that bind you," cried the mighty stripe one.

"Alas I only weigh 2 lbs, I cannot release you...I have failed in my mission..." the silver cat murmured in shame.

Their mission aborted the two kitties decided to rub on all of Dani's legs and play with her curtain of a tail.  This was all done while the human laughed out loud and took pictures; much to the chagrin of her red steed.