April 30, 2013


It grieves me to have to announce this but Rock was put down after a struggle with a very painful colic.  It's still not known what caused his colic and he was only 9 years old.

Pheobe is very sad.  He was a boarders horse who then stopped paying board since she fell on hard times so eventually Phoebe took ownership Rock in lieu of the back boarding fees.  It sounds like it was an easy transaction and Rock was a beloved lesson horse. 
Always curious and wanting to be the center of attention
He also had a younger girl leasing him and the pain of his loss is most likely greatest with this girl.  I remember seeing them in the barn, she adored him and love to ride him over jumps and bareback.  He was a great mover.  So good he would move into a picture I was trying to take.  LOL
Steve loved Rock, he was always in your pocket and would grab ahold of your sleeve.  I think he was trying to boss us around but there was something so human about him too.  He loved to be scratched and Dani had become good friends with him.

I had to work really hard not to cry when Phoebe told me, it was during the horseshow and I know she was busy with her students.  I didn't want to cause grief to well up inside her but I did shed a few tears for him as I left for home that night.  It's so scary that any day our loved ones could be taken away suddenly.

Rest in Peace Rock.  You were a sweet horse that will be missed greatly.


Kalin ♥ said...

He was gorgeous. It's always painful to lose an animal, especially an animal that you can form such an amazing, beautiful bond with. We recently had to put down a horse at my barn who was 23+ years old, and everyone there was just so grieved. I'm sorry for the loss.

Lauren said...

Aw, I'm sorry. RIP Rock.