August 13, 2012

Stable on Vessey Drive

I'm still continuing my horse boarding search even while I'm looking at horses.  It seems every evening after work I'm either looking at a horse or a stable!  I'm a woman on a mission!!!

I've called many numbers of stables from older flyer's (I'm guessing) and have come to dead ends for a lot of these farms.  I did get to go out to one place on Vessey Drive in Black forest.  It was a nice facility, 14 acres that is mostly fenced off for pastures.  The only riding area on the property is a round pen and a back paddock that has some rolling hills.  The property is very close to Black Forest park where there are a lot of nice trails and then of course there is section 16 which has tons of trails.

The stable was very open, it had a handful of stalls with runs that is only used when the horses are being fed, the rest of the time the horses are out in pastures with compatible friends.  It was horse heaven to me though I was a little disappointed at no arena and of course and indoor would be fantastic.  I worry in Black Forest with the snow that stays that I may be restricted with riding and since I can only go after work during the week if it's rainy or what not I can't really ride when there isn't an indoor.

I do like the facility and the atmosphere seemed very laid back, the gal that owns it is very nice and knowledgeable and has my philosophy for just letting horses be horses.

It's on my list but not on the top since I really think my biggest priority should be an indoor arena, I need to be able to ride anytime I can make it out to the stable.  It doesn't even have to be a nice indoor, it can be small and simple.  Just good enough to get some work done on icky days.  But still when the time comes we shall see what is available.  I've put this stable on my list!

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