August 13, 2012

Grullo Mustang Colton

Oh my goodness I'm in love!  I went to this rescue to check out a paint mare and an Arab cross mare.  The paint mare was adopted and the Arab cross has a fused bone in her fetlock.  She's sound but wouldn't be the best option for trail riding and certainly not competitive trail.

We walked around the facility which was just gorgeous!  Nice indoor arena, lots of large paddocks, outdoor arena and round pen.  It was horse heaven!  None of the horses did much for me though some were very attentive.  I just don't want a 16-17 hand Thoroughbred!!

The last two horses I saw were two Kiger Mustangs born in captivity.  One was 3 years old, buckskin and only had groundwork done he would be a project horse.  The other was 6 years old, grullo with a blaze and was under saddle and worked regularly.

 The rescue trainer said when she used to ride him (she's recently had an abdominal surgery) he was great but would test occasionally and try to "make an issue" if he got bored.  She said with consistent riding or work he would chill out and get into his work.  That might be something I could work on him with or perhaps not, certainly will be a horse I would have Laurie look at if I'm really serious about him.  He intrigued me since I do love mustangs and he was a nice size and well put together.  I'm trying not to be persuaded by the pretty face!  These pictures really suck and certainly do not show him well at all.

Need zebra striping on his legs.
When we were hanging out with him in the field I didn't think to take any pictures so the ones I got were when the horses had just gotten their hay and he was all involved in eating it.

The time constraints that this trainer had prevented me from asking to work with him that day, particularly since I knew she couldn't ride him.  Hopefully this week I can go back to see him when this other volunteer is there that rides him fairly regularly.  I can then get a sense of what he's like and perhaps give him a try myself.

The founder apparently is attached to him and so he's sort of for adoption but not.  The main trainer said that she had a good feeling about me and would talk to the founder to see if it even could be a possibility.  Of course if we aren't a match then that is that. 

I have the means and desire to give a horse a good home.  I know that any horse I end up with will be spoiled just like my other critters and hopefully will have a lifetime home with me (you never know what can happen with job loss etc).  Who knows maybe he and I will hit it off?  We shall see.  I still I'm excited to try him out and get to know him.  He sounds like he could be a neat horse to work with.  Hopefully I can get back up there soon to work with his regular rider.  I'm awaiting a reply to my email and text message about this.

I have two horses I'll be seeing this coming week.  A 14 year old chestnut Arab gelding and then an 11 year old bay Arab gelding.  Both sound awesome!  I can't wait!


Reddunappy said...

You have been busy!

Christie said...

LOL. I'm on a mission!!!