August 11, 2012


I'm so excited!  Tomorrow I will meet this pretty 5 year old Arabian mare who sounds like she's pretty calm, was a kids horse but I don't know for how long and the full extent of her training.  We shall see!!!  She's a dark bay with dapples, very pretty!

Have no idea what the ground is like to really see how she

Then I am going to Zuma Ranch Horse rescue.  There is a black Arabian cross mare, 12 years old.  We'll see what she is like.  I'll also take a look at a pretty buckskin paint mare who is just gorgeous! 

I know I say gorgeous a lot.  My husband tends to respond more when I talk about the training of the horse etc.  I totally understand, I know that's the more important thing but I can't help but going "ga-ga" over the pretty faces.  But I do have a practical side.  I'm not gonna get a horse because they are pretty.  Although a lot of times if I say a horse is pretty it's because they have good conformation. 

I wonder what tomorrow will bring?