August 21, 2012

Calm before Desparados Storm

 I went to meet Deparados Storm in Sedalia last week.  He was a nice looking horse, a former stallion and former western pleasure show horse.  He'd been with his current owner for about 6 years.  The owner told me about his past and that he was pretty unhappy being a show horse.  We groomed him and then she mounted up bareback.  She walked and trotted him with a little try at canter.  We then got the saddle on him so I could test ride him.

He seemed very sweet and calm in the stable and while being tacked and groomed.  He was interested and curious about me.  When I mounted it was obvious that he was a little nervous so I walked him to this open area in a circle.

We circled the driveway area of the property, when we approached an overhanging tree Storm started and then raced off towards the barn. Only one door was open and I was afraid I would be scraped off. We made it into the barn with all its junk and pieces lying about in the aisle. Storm stopped quickly and turned left and I flew into the side of the stall door. There was a tree stump, some bricks, other machinery....thank goodness no circular saw! I hit the stall door hard and scraped my back along the bolt. Not sure what I landed on but the aisle way was hard even though it was dirt.

I got up and limped over to a staircase to sit down as the owner was running into the stable to get Storm and she came by me to ask how I was.  I couldn't answer, I didn't know what just happened.  She said she thought that after he spooked the dog went after his heels.  Note to self and others


I was shaken up and dizzy.  She asked if I wanted to get back him and have her lead me around on him.  I said no thanks, she understood.  Sometimes it's not the best thing to get right back on the horse after a fall.  She even hugged me as the tears fell because I was so upset.  She also said, "why do we women always cry after a fall!".  She was very sympathetic but surprised at Storm.  I felt bad for in that sense since he seemed like a great horse but with the Egyptian blood perhaps he's another sensitive horse that I should steer clear of.

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