August 08, 2012


What do I want in a horse?  That's an amazingly easy and yet extremely difficult question all at the same time.  Of course throughout this blog I've discussed my love for the Arabian but I'm not going to hold myself to just that breed, though I'm planning to concentrate on Arabs and Arab crosses unless another horse crosses my path that intrigues me.  So I've developed a list of what I want in a horse.  Please feel free to recommend additional thoughts, particularly those of you that already own horses.  What did you wish was on your list but wasn't?  What may have not been on your list that you have discovered your wonderful has and is now something you would always want to look for in a future mount?

Arabian, Arabian Mix, Morgan, Morab, Mustang, Fjord, Haflinger, Pinto, Saddlebred, Lusitano (like I can afford!), Andalusian (like I can afford one!), Friesian (like I can afford!!)

Gaited Horses I’d like to try and who knows may consider:
Peruvian Paso, Paso Fino, Missouri Fox Trotter, Icelandics, Rocky Mountain Horse

Checklist for my first horse

Already Under saddle

W, T, C consistently with ques

Been in a trailer and loads reasonably well

Trail ridden- at least once or twice






Brave/Not fearful


Forgiving of rider mistakes

Forward-I don’t want to have to keep kicking a horse but I want one that is responsive and won’t run off ignoring me!!


Agile-for collection and trail riding

Of course I don't have drop dead gorgeous and heart of gold listed but I believe any horse that I fall in love with will have those traits without a doubt!!!


Reddunappy said...

Well the only ones I would add are:
good feet
good mouth
decent conformation (no animal is perfect)

Christie said...

Well I guess I was just assuming that. I certainly am looking for a sound horse. I'll have any horse gone over by a vet.