August 14, 2012

Peerless Stables

I went out to a stable today that was a little further of a drive than I was hoping for but I'm trying to look at as many options as I can.  I think having an indoor arena is more important to me than trails right off the property, also a round pen is good to have.  I have limited time frames when I can ride, mainly evenings after work and just on the weekends so I'll need to have access no matter the weather or time of day (aka if it's winter and the sun sets early).  I do also want there to be several other boarders so I can meet some more riders and have people to do horsie things with on occasion.

This stable was nice.  Lower price than a lot right now, it had stalls for stall board with turn out included in the board, you just have to provide the grain or supplements you want if needed.  The field board was decent, originally that is what I thought I wanted but then the run in shed has a foot tall drop at the entrance.  I saw it thinking that it would be a dangerous situation for horses particularly if the ground is wet or icy .  The pasture board is the primary feed in the summer, grain can be provided.  There will only be 5 horses total on that field but I'm concerned with the nutrient content of the field.  The owner said she keeps an eye on the health of the horses and that her husband who has run boarding facilities before is very aware of poisonous plants and proper nutrition.

I think  for now I like the stall board where the horse will be turned out each day, given hay and grain (grain or supplements that I provide).   The stable also has nice brick walkways, a feed and tack room and then a wash rack!!!!

There is still a lot of things that need work, pigeons are in the insulation on the ceiling but her fire fighter friend who is also a boarder will be taking that out.  The electrical is being worked on since the electric is on in some places but not in others.  The barn also has a small indoor round pen.  Outside is a nice sized arena that is overgrown with weeds but they will be tilling the ground and potentially bringing in footing if they need to.

Apparently they are from Denver and recently moved down here and have been working on the property.  Piles of lumber are on the side of a barn that is near their house, this will be used to update the fencing and improve other areas of the barn where swallows fly inside the arena.  LOL. 

I can completely see the potential though, I bought my house with it's messy backyard and 70's motif "seeing" what it would become.  It still needs work but I love my house and I can see what this gal wants to do but as it is the farm is still in very good operating order.  The fencing is fine, it's a mixture of smooth wire and pipe.  The main pasture board field has some barbed wire but I'm not planning on having my horse there as I said before.

There are just some things that make this stable look a little rough around the edges.  I think it has potential and the slightly lower price tag is appealing...particularly since my first choice is now $450 for pasture board!!!  I really want to find the best price for the features I want.  This place has several roads nearby that are dirt that I can ride on and the pastures also have riding areas.  Including the riding arenas.  She already has a few boarders and then her own horses on the property.  This will be added to my list!

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