August 23, 2012

Big Richo

Last week, the day after I plummeted off of Storm, I went to meet Richo a Bey Shah gelding in Pueblo.  I was tempted to not even go but I figured I'd go and if I didn't ride, I didn't ride.

When I got to the guys house he had three horses on his property, a truck and trailer.  Richo was hard to catch even for the guy and apparently does like carrots or apples!  WHAT!!!  CRAZY!!!

We was a very nice horse, a little thin.  You could make out his ribs sometimes and his hips were pointy but it wasn't like he was seriously underweight, just could stand to gain a few.  He had good muscling, he may just need something different or additional in his feeing regime.  The affection the man had for the horse was apparent but he's a rodeo guy trying to go pro and his QH mare is the one he wants to spend the time with.

Richo was big, I'd say getting near 16 hands....the guy was tall too, probably six four or six five!!  Richo was lunged and had very nice movement.  Very fancy with his tail up.  When I lunged him there was an apparent shift in his mood, he was more "on".  He also would not change directions very easily and the owner stepped in with a lunge whip to get him to move clockwise.  He said he normally just let Richo go which ever way he wanted.  Hmm.  A couple times when trying to change the direction Richo moved towards me, not so much threatening but with a horse that big it was a little intimidating!

Later he mounted up in his big western saddle, the tacking up and grooming went quite well, Richo was a gentleman and seemed to calm a little bit with me and nuzzled my hand.  He even licked my palm and let me "hold" his head.  The owner rode him around this field next to the house, he did walk trot and canter.  I was a little unsure of riding him but I told the owner my worries and said I would stay at walk.  I had to clamber up on the guys leg to get my foot even in the stirrup, it didn't help I had the fresh bruise on my rear from Storm!!  I imagined how hard it would be to mount with the human mountin block, getting off to have lunch on the side of the trail and getting back on the horse....hmm, something to consider.  The owner stayed next to Richo for a few strides but we eased away from him and I walked Richo around the field, weaving around the sagebrush.  We trotted a little bit when I had the courage but quickly brought him back to a walk since my rear could not take it.  The saddle was huge and the stirrups way long so I couldn't post at all. 
I did like him but I think I will be easily intimidated by him and with some of the respect issues, not being caught easily etc I reluctantly passed on him.  He's a great horse though and I'm sure with the right match will make a great mount.  The owner said a barrel racer was interested in him.  Hopefully he'll find a good home!

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