August 21, 2012

Friesian sale con

I knew it was a long shot but I'd seen two Friesians listed at REALLY reasonable prices.  I wondered what the catch was but since they were in Colorado I figured I'd email them and find more information.  Both instances were very fishy.

First they asked me to explain my riding experience etc.  That was fine, they sounded like someone who wanted to rehome their horse because of life circumstances.  After I responded I received these replies.

Here's the first one:


thanks for your mail and all the answers to my questions.the horse is
pretty good at games.
and fairs i Will not like to hear that he has
been sent to a shelter or Kennel as i know he will be with you all day
long, so in case you may have him in your home then be sure that he
goes well with all other home animals that you may have at your home.
the only problem now is that I have just been relocated to Ohio
here for treatment

as i told you in the previous mail that i was advice by my doctor not
to ride a horse and if all is okay by you we can arrange with a good
and competent pet delivery agency that can have the horse delivered toyour home address.

since i am giving him up for adoption,all that you will have to do is
to pay for the cost of transportation
all that i want is to find a good and loving home for the horse since
i am unable to take care of him first,we used to treat him
here like our own baby and that i why i only want the best for him
please let me know if all is okay by you so that i can proceed with
the delivery arrangement as i really want to give him out as soon as


Kennel?  Really?  The other pets I was talking about was a dog, cat, hermit crabs and fish!!!  LOL.  How thick do these con artists think people are???

Here's the second email from another Friesian prospect:

Merlin is a REALLY nice, well trained,5 yr old STER gelding.His

pedigree is truly TOP NOTCH, with a motherline chock full of "ster"
and "preferent" predicates:STER-STER+PREF-STER+PREF-STER+PREF.This
tall STER gelding is truly a magnificent animal. Impeccably bred.
AND he has extensive experience showing in quadrilles, parades, and
exhibitions. He is also very suitable as a trail companion! You won't
find a nicer, better trained, easier to sit friesian gelding
anywhere.He really is a good mover..very good walk, his trot has HUGE
potential for passage... good canter, easy on the aids...the lateral
work is solid, he does the
exercises easily.....he has already started piaffe..This is a very
uncomplicated horse with an amazing temperament. An amateur or novice
rider' s DREAM horse! Merlin would also be suitable for a junior or
young rider, due to his very easy going, "willing to please" nature.
well i am located in PARMA MICHIGAN i had to place the ads all over so
that i could find a new home for him so fast as you know when he is
around me it makes me feel so sad and reminds me a a lot of my late
daughter so please you get back to me if you are still interested so
we can proceed with the shipping arrangement all you are to pay for is
just a shipping fee of $775 and that is all you will be required to
pay no extra charges


Yeah like I"m gonna send $775 for horse I've never met and I don't know this "seller" for Adam!!  Well I knew it was a long shot.  Friesians that are affordable to me are generally untrained yearlings!!  But this is certainly something people should be aware of when buying or selling anything...horses, dogs, cars etc.  People will find a way to cheat you out of a few hundred bucks!

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Reddunappy said...

Does sound very fishy!