August 27, 2012

Millions of ponies, ponies for me!!!!

I'm so excited!
I will be meeting some neat sounding horses this week!
First off on Tuesday I drive to Florence to meet a Haflinger mare.  She looks like more of the draft style Haflinger (apparently there is a draft style and a more refined type of haflinger).  She was used in a lesson program that now the owner is selling off 8 horses including a morgan that I will also look at.  There a couple other haffies in Colorado that are on my radar...just waiting to hear back from owners.
Then on Wednesday I will meet several Fjords in Sedalia that sound promising.  Two mares and potentially a gelding.  Below is the mother and her daughter 15 and 5 or 6 I think.
Thursday I will meet another Fjord east of Elizabeth.  He might need some "polishing training" but he is 6 and has a background in dressage and jumping training.  He sounds laid back though and may only need a month or two of full on training but who knows, if I'm interested enough I can have Laurie look at him.  I'll only know once I see him; his owner will work and ride him in a round pen before I try him out.
Then Saturday Steve and I will go to Kenlyn Arabians in Aurora to view two mares (Freeze Frame and Ziffarah) that are very nice sounding....the funny thing is both are chestnuts!  My favorite color!

Freeze Frame, below, is one I met during the endurance ride about a year ago.  She was very friendly and affectionate.  The owner has a rider on her regularly that is 65 and "cannot afford a fall".  She's a pretty sensible sounding horse.  I'm intrigued from hearing what the owner has to say and from having "met" this mare.
We'll also head north that afternoon past Greeley and view a cute 14 or 15 year old Fjord mare that sounds very calm and could be a great trail companion.  There are tons of video on her on YouTube.  She's very cute and could be a sweet little mount.  She's at the top of my age bracket but I could have many years of fun with her, I do have to consider the additional supplement costs for an older horse but if they are awesome then they are worth their weight in gold!!!  Does she seem like her back is a little long or dipped to you???  Please, your assessments are much appreciated!!!  It could be the ground and I will be taking more pictures when I see her in person.
 Anyhow, there are lots of cute and beautiful ponies to  look at!!!  I'm so excited!!!!!!!  Wish me luck!  Perhaps I will find the "one"!!!


Camryn said...

Ooooh, how exciting. I'm owned by a drafty Hafy mare. Love her to pieces! Love the Fjords too!

lilyrose said...

I love Haffies! They generally have wonderful personalities. I have met Linda of Kenlyn Arabians...she is great. Her horses are really nice. My hubby has ridden endurance with her.