August 13, 2012

Little bay mare

The little bay mare I went to see was very sweet.  She wasn't too bad in size, around 14 hands but she was filled out nicely.  She was a bit fidgety during grooming, we can work on that.  Her hooves were difficult to pick up, she didn't lift them very easily but she wasn't kicking out or any of those behaviors that make me really nervous. 

For the most part her conformation was pretty good, there wasn't really flat ground to stand her on but she seemed to have a level to uphill build.  I just couldn't get a picture to really show that.  I did notice her offside front hoof is clubbed.  Darn it!

 I did some work with her on the lungeline and she was really reactive even to me just lifting my arm up to get her moving.  It seemed a young horse type of thing because she only flipped out for a bit then settled and wanted to come in to me.  She seemed like a social/fearful type personality. 

She might have been one I'd be willing to work with, I was planning on riding her but with the club foot I knew it would just be wasting the owners time and I didn't feel right so I talked to the owner and explained my reasons.

Sorry cute little filly, the club foot is a deal breaker. You are very sweet though!  Sniff.

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