August 24, 2012

In a Whisper....

Steve and I checked out another stable together.  We went to Whispering Pines off of 83.  The farm is actually a short drive from work, where I will be commuting from 5 days out of the week.  It's a shorter drive than many of the farms out east and the route is pretty direct since I just take I-25 to either 105 or Baptist Road and head east a couple miles.
The stable itself was nice and airy.  I wouldn't necessarily keep my horse in the stalls but if there came a need to the stalls were nice and safe.  Some had runs off them but every horse was given turn out each day.  Pasture board is my preference and the pastures had nice run in sheds.  The pastures were very large and the horses seemed content walking about and grazing.

There were three tack areas.  Plenty of room to hang new racks for the tack or bring my saddle stand.  I'd have to see what they want to offer and then I could bring a tub it appears with other supplies.  Boarders have bins with various supplies.  Lots of room!

There were two wash racks which is great!

Above is the view of the northern pasture, and of course this near area is a dry lot I'm assuming for horses that require that. 

The indoor arena was huge!  Nice sandy and rubber mix.

The outdoor arena was great too and set up with jumps for jumpers.  I'd have to use those as obstacles to ride around!  LOL.  Near the outdoor arena was a round pen which is another great plus!  Nice place to get in some groundwork.  As you can see in the picture above there is trailer parking, and that is included in the board.  Fantastic!
Next to the farm are some horse neighborhood that I could ride through and eventually make my way to Fox Run park but that would most likely be an all day affair.  Still I will hopefully have a trailer next year and then I can trek off to other locations to ride.  My main priority is the indoor arena and a place that lets me ride at just about any time of day.  The barn owner was really awesome and laid back.
This is totally my first choice and Steve agrees.  My mom is excited since it's a short drive from Larkspur so she can come see my horse!  Perhaps I'll buy her some lessons to use with my horse!!
Steve and I have decided we are definitely going to get the calmer, more beginner type horse for now that way both of us can enjoy them and I can regain some confidence.  In a few years we will get that second horse and if I'm up for it get that dream Arab or other fancy horse.  But I'm not totally ruling out Arabians just so everyone is clear!!!

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