November 14, 2012

The Saddle Fund

The vet bills have definitely put a damper on my saddle fund.  The saddle I had for Willy and Millie, my former lease horses, is too narrow for Dani.  Below is the diagram I made of Dani's back to assist in finding a saddle that fits her since I can't exactly bring her to the tack shop with me.  The top is her withers, second is about 8 inches down her back and the third is another 8 inches.
The first saddle I want is the Wintec Wide Dressage 500.  Simple, easy to care for and comfy.  Hopefully it will be comfy for Dani as well!
I also need to find a good slip free dressage girth.  Since Dani is very much a little barrel in her mid section having something that will not slip and also will not cause girth gals is vital!

Then there is also the need for someplace to put those dangly things of mine, you know, my feet!  I prefer the regular stirrup leathers, Wintec makes these.  A lot of people like less material under their leg but I prefer the double straps of a regular stirrup leather, though of course since it's Wintec it's synthetic!  Then of course I need Fillis stirrups, though I may end up getting the safety stirrups though I have never gotten my foot stuck in one I think with my recent falls it's a safety measure I will consider.
So....low on funds I've started cleaning out our basement.  My hubby and I have had stuff that needed to be sold or gotten rid of for a while.  I've just procrastinated to get it on Craigslist or ebay.  Well, my procrastination had a reason!!!  We've sold quite a few things, Miche purse stuff, an ice maker, ski racks and a McDonalds french fries radio!  All this stuff is adding up!  I'm still thinking I could earn some money by standing on a street corner with a sign.  Of course it has to be quirkie, I notice soooo many people end up stranded somewhere and need money.  But then again I see those same people in the same place for several weeks in a row...maybe this isn't such a lucrative idea???
What do you think?  Would this work? 
 Hmmm......I think I'll just stick to traditional means of earning and saving moola!


S. Lauren said...

If you want a girth that doesn't slide too much, maybe you could ask your barn mates if you could try theirs? I noticed some girths work better with some horses than others. I had a synthetic girth once and it slid with the QH mare I rode a very long time ago. The wintec products are very nice thou!

Christie said...

Do you have any materials for girths that you'd suggest?