November 28, 2012

Does This Saddle Make Me Look Fat??

So what was in the other bags??  Aside from the girth, stirrups and stirrup "leathers",The Easy Change Gullet System....

...and the Easy Change Riser System were hiding in the bag!  These came with the saddle, a $200 value but they are doing a promotion right now.  Guess what gullet width Dani needed.  Yeah, the White one which is extra wide.

I had trouble getting the saddle to sit centered on Dani, the cold makes fake leather much stiffer than regular leather so it was harder to tighten the girth and it kept pulling the saddle around.  Originally I had another girth but had to bring that back and get a longer one.  She really doesn't like having the girth tightened, she moves forward and stomps her back foot.  We'll see if I can do something about that.  I only did one hole at a time and rested between tightening...I'll just have to keep doing that until she realizes I won't crank it down.

The saddle fit nicely on her, it didn't look like there was any area with pinching that I could see.  I'm glad this gullet worked otherwise I would have had to buy the WIDE saddle for $200 more!  I felt underneath all the areas and lifted the flaps.  It looked good.  I couldn't really assess since I don't have anyone that can sit in the saddle, hubbie's in North Carolina for the week.

You can see that the channel was nice and clear, no pressing on the spine.  Also there was no bridging either, the saddle touched her back the whole way along.  Nice clearance over her withers as well!

So here's the saddle from the side.  Not sure if I need to add any of those risers to make the saddle sit evenly for a stable seat.  I think it looks okay, what do you all think?

Here's another side picture.  Look at that pony gut!  Now that she's healed from her leg injury hopefully I can get out enough to get her doing some work and lose some of that weight!


Martine said...

Goodness, she is round isn't she!!
The saddle looks to be sitting well, but you may have trouble with it sliding around for a while, until it moulds to her shape a bit and until her shape becomes less circular.

K.K. said...

Once she starts getting in shape you will be glad you can adjust the gullet. My TB was constantly changing his shape so i at one point I had used every single gullet in the package!

Ruffles said...

That saddle looks great on her.