November 18, 2012

The Floating of Dani's Teeth

So when I bought Dani it was with the knowledge that she hadn't had a tooth floating in a couple years.  I knew I'd get that done shortly after having her and so scheduled it for the week I was off.  The appointment was this past Friday.  I'd seen a floating done before at Laurie's when she had her horses done but it was certainly different watching my baby.

The barn I board at generally has a floating clinic a couple times a year, this gal from south of Pueblo comes to do teeth and at half the cost my vet charges.  No offense to my vet but I definitely need to save where I can!  The gal travels with a vet to administer the sedative.  Dani stood pretty well and just did a toss of the head at the injection.  It set in fairly fast but she did need a little more at the procedure began.  The vet said a lot of times Morgans, among a few other breeds, tend to need just a bit more sedative. 
Dani's tooth issues were longer incisors that prevented her molars from occluding well.  Then of course the molars had pretty sharp edges that had abraded her tongue a bit.  There was a small ulcer on her cheek.  The front two molars had an overgrowth that caused a hook, which prevented good grinding surfaces as well.
The dentist started with grinding the front incisors, first with a power grinder and then with a handheld.  After that she squirted a huge syringe of water into Dani's mouth and got the head rest out for her to rest the mares chin on.  Then a speculum was used to keep the mares mouth nice and open while the dentist worked on the molars.  I tried to take before and after pictures but the light was bright, it just drowned out the teeth image.  It was significant though.  The teeth, which were pointy and painful looking were smooth and made a nice grinding sound when the dentist moved her jaw.


  I bet Dani will feel much better not having those sharp edges and with her teeth grinding better there is less risk for un-chewed food causing issues further down her GI system!  After the whole procedure was done they took the supplies out of the stall and swept the floor of hay and other material.  Horses can forget they are chewing if still sedated and can end up choking on food.  Best to keep food away until she's fully out of sedation. 
Shortly after I'd paid the gals and thanked them Dani had walked to the stall door and rested her head on the pillow of blankets hung on the door.  She was so cute with her droopy lip.  I ordered a pizza and sat by her as I awaited the next appointment...the farrier!!

Oh and just and FYI, I want to list prices so hopefully this will help others when knowing how much horses cost.  The tooth floating I had done was $75 plus the $45 for the sedative, total of $120.  My vet and others would have charged $214, that includes the barn call etc.  Definitely ask around!!!  Pizza was $7.99!!


Camryn said...

Love the resting head pic. To darn cute.

Marissa said...

haha, the pizza price made me laugh!

Thanks for posting this! Horses on sedatives are so funny! I'm glad she got her teeth done, even without the before pictures I can definitely imagine what her teeth looked like, and I'm glad she'll have happier mealtimes haha.

Ruffles said...

Glad you had her teeth done. She will be a lot more comfortable now!