November 20, 2012

Mom and Dani

My mom came to see Dani again.  I was glad it was NOT down pouring so she could actually see my cute little mare, last time my parents came out she looked like a drenched rat!  I groomed her up and my mom took pictures.  She was less nervous than the last time my parents came out.  They'd come out on a raining Saturday one week after I'd had Dani.
Dani had been nervous and neighing and since she wasn't used to the indoor arena she was high headed, neighing and shying.  Today though she was calm and much more her cute loving self.

We walked Dani around the parking lot.  Mom met one of the boarders and talked to her a little bit.  I moved us on so the gal could get to working with her horse and we could continue hanging with Dani.

Finally we went into the ring and I walked Dani around.  Mom got more pictures that she wanted.  I just worked on leading Dani, same old since I cannot work her hard just yet because of her leg.
Mom lead her around too and Dani was pretty good, sometimes she planter her feet and other times she did well.

Mom likes her.

She had me walk her over the poles, Dani was fine with that.  There wasn't much else to do with her while my mom watched so I figured I'd just let her free in the arena.

So after the grooming Dani rolled in the nice sand, like horses do.  She's so cute!


Camryn said...

It's always nice when our human family likes our fur family isn't it :)

Marissa said...

I wonder what it is horses smell for that makes it acceptable to roll! It's so funny!

K.K. said...

My mom isn't a horse person but she calls herself a "grand-mare" to my horses.
So glad your mom likes your pony!

Ruffles said...

Glad your mum likes Dani.
Love the photos. Dani is soooo gorgeous :)!!

Christie said...

Awe thanks! I think she's a beauty!

Yeah my mom has granddogs, grandcat and now a grandhorse. Some day I may really get her excited when I say that Steve and I are gonna have some kids....but we'll mean goats! LOL