November 22, 2012

How to Groom a Pony

Start with a dirty pony.  That shouldn't be too hard to find since that's how they come!
Gather your assortment of grooming supplies.  Mine are in a fun green tote that I bought for Dani.  I painted it with her name and put little designs on it since that's me!

Use the curry comb, the round black nubby thing, and make a circular motion all over the fur.  This will ruff up the fur and release all the grubby dirt and pieces of hay.  Keep away from the bony legs and sensitive face.
Next use the flick brush.  Find one that is hard but not TOO hard or your mare will make faces at you and stomp her feet.  Go in the direction of the hair and make short flicking movements upwards and away.  This one is safe on the legs just be careful not to be too hard, it's best not to place the end of the bristles on the skin instead place the side of the bristles on the coat and then do the flick stroke.  Watch as the dirt from the horse floats in the air and lands on your once clean clothes.  Take the brush and swipe it on an edge a few times to dislodge some of the dirt....a clean brush means cleaner pony!
Next grab the soft body brush.  I keep the flick brush in my other hand to clean out the soft brush every so often.  Often times the dust still stays on the horse since it's so fine and it's staticy here in Colorado!!!  So I've found a spray that helps with static during the winter and this particular spray doesn't say not to use it under tack.  Some of those sprays make a horse VERY slick (ones like ShowSheen should never be used under a saddle unless, when you ride, you want to be under the horse!).  This one is just a conditioner and helps get that bit of dust off plus does help with shine a little.
 I use a smaller soft brush on her face.  What's more effective is a damp wash cloth rubbed over her face to get rid of all the dust.  Though sometimes a step stool could help since she's not really fond of this, she's such a tomboy!
Then I begin with the various sponges.  I have an eye shaped on for her huh?  I dampen it and use it to wipe eye boogies out of her eyes.

Then I use the boogie colored one for her nostrils (hehehehe).  Nostrils are her least favorite thing to have wiped out but she tolerates the sponge better than the baby wipes I had.
Next is the big round sponge for her under tail area and teats if needed.  No coorelation bad it's not pink.

Of course I have the standard hoof pick with brush to get the mud and manure out of her hoof crevices.  I make sure to run along the white line area to get rid of any tiny stones that may lodge there.  The brush helps get the rest of the surfaces spic and span....for a foot that is!

Most days I just untangle her mane with my fingers a bit.  Sometimes I want to really get her silky so I'll use the same spray as above and comb out her mane and tail.  This comb's teeth spin so they are less likely to pull out hairs.  I work from the bottom up.

Here's the tail before.  Not too tangled but clumpy.  I think I already removed the part of a tumbleweed and the bits of hay...that's a daily thing.

Then afterwards, her tail is silky smooth like a Pantene model's hair!  Until her next roll in the dirt...


 The spray helps make her coat shine and stay free of the tiny dust that stays on via static electricity.  It doesn't last long because I know as soon as she's back in the pasture she has to become reaquainted with the dirt.  Such is the life of a horse!
I know the second she's free she'll be rolling once again must be her favorite pastime besides sleeping and eating.  It's an unending battle!  But I love her  dirty or clean!

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Ruffles said...

I love your grooming tote! Very cool.