November 19, 2012

The First Farrier Visit

I've never been present when a farrier works on a horse.  The horses I leased have just had their hooves done unbeknownst to me since it wasn't a care lease just a set monthly fee to ride.  I was excited to see the process in person.
Dani was still a little sedated when the farrier came but she didn't have any issues getting Dani to lift her feet.  She answered my questions about hoof oil and recommended these two products.
The top one is found in more convenient locations for me and she said both do a really nice job.  Farrier's Fix does a better job of preventing and curing thrush.
Dani didn't have too much hoof that needed to be trimmed but the trimming and filing that were performed helped round the edges of her hoof to help prevent chips.  I'd noticed a couple chips on some of her hooves but we'll get her on a regular schedule.
The farrier said that Dani seemed pretty sweet and I wouldn't necessarily have to be there to have her feet done but since she was still a little sedated I think I will be there for the next trim in 8 weeks just to make sure she is indeed a good girl for the farrier.  The farrier said her near hind leg was a bit stiff and that makes sense.  I'm sure she's still recovering a bit and perhaps starting some groundwork in the next week will help with that.  I'm just gonna keep a close eye on how she moves and get the vet out if I have any concerns.
I really liked this farrier and one gal at the barn was impressed seeing a female farrier.  She got her card from her.  I will definitely get a list going the next time I have her come out so perhaps she can do several horses.  Her price was $10 cheaper than a farrier that does a bunch of other horses here.  Full price for just a trim was $35.  Not too bad.  Look how nice Dani's hooves look now!


Camryn said...

We use a female trimmer as well. Just love her to pieces. When I boarded everyone including the B.O.was shocked to see her!

Marissa said...

Im in your same shoes! While I've paid for feet, I've never actually been there to see it! I'm hoping to be able to make it out when pony gets shoes this week! I would really like to see the process start to finish!

Lauren said...

My farrier also swears by farrier's secret. It is an amazing product, slightly expensive, but it REALLY does a good job. I think trimming is so interesting. I would LOVE to learn how to do it myself.

Ruffles said...

Dani's hooves look great.
Its hard to find a good farrier now days, but it sounds like you have a really good one :)!