November 05, 2012

Off With That Bandage!!!

This Saturday Dani got her bandage taken off.  The doc had said to keep it on for several days until it got so dirty I couldn't stand it!  Well it was put on Monday and we took it off Saturday so I feel that was a good run.  The last one was only on Friday to Monday.

Steve gave me a spare pair of medical scissors to keep in the barn, I'm beginning to gather medical equipment to keep in my supplies. There will be a post on that when I get that all assembled and have a little bit of knowledge on first aid for horses.  I will also review the book I'm purchasing too since there is one that looks like a great reference.  Stay tuned!

Anyways Steve went about taking the bandage off, Dani pulled her leg up a couple times disliking having her leg played with.  She wasn't really kicking perse but was getting agitated.  We calmed her down and then I think she realized that the icky thing was coming off so she behaved.  I'm guessing that's why the vet sedated her a bit for fear of being kicked.  I wasn't there so who knows what Dani had been doing the two times he came out.

Our friends Clark, and not shown here Becca, are visiting from Florida.  Clark came to see the pony.  Dani wasn't sure what to make of this big tall guy.  He was standing near her head, petting her and talking to her about weird things....Clark is a very sarcastic kind of guy so he's pretty funny most times.  He got scared though when she licked at his stomach!  I laughed so hard!!!  Little horse scares big tall man!  He's not much of a horse person....

Dani wanted to eat and sniff at her bandage when Steve balled it all up to throw out.  Her leg was very sweaty and the tape left some residue on her leg as well.  It will eventually wear out, I won't mess with it for now.  All I did was hose down her leg since I knew that would feel nice to her.  We also washed each hoof; mud was still caked on the wall so Steve used the dandy brush to whisk the mud off as I hosed down each foot.  This dandy brush was one I had just purchased a week ago and Dani made it very clear she didn't like it.  The bristles were a bit too hard, so I got another before coming today and she was much happier with that brush.  My new old one now will become the mud and poop brush to rid caked on mud from the pony and blanket.

Her blanket already looks well loved with dirt and poop on it.  She's obviously rolled while wearing the blanket!  We took Dani out for a walk on the path after a quick grooming.  Steve was having more difficulty leading her since he's not sure what to do to prevent her from crowding him.  Below Dani is beginning to use Steve as a face scratching post!  He'll just have to come out and work with her more.  We trotted Dani a couple times and she seemed to be going fine with her leg, Clark said she looked a little "ginger" on that leg but I didn't see anything majorly off or any head bobbing as she moved.  She still needs 2 weeks of little work.  That's fine since I don't have a saddle yet and I can wait a little more to start the Clinton Anderson ground work.

When we brought her back to the barn I held her while Steve picked her hooves, the driveway has a lot of little rocks so we wanted to make sure that Dani didn't have any stuck in her hooves.  Some of the boarders, who work to reduce board fees, were there doing the evening chores so horses were being brought in for feedings.  We put Dani in her stall and then gave her the last of her antibiotics with some feed.  I still need to discuss with the vet about the grain they offer here or a supplement I should provide.  She's normally only on hay but I want to make sure she gets all the vitamins and minerals she needs. 

Anyways, Dani is almost free and clear of this little injury.  I'm just hoping we don't have another for at least a few months, if ever!  Ha ha ha!  That's really wishful thinking when it comes to horses!!  I really need to build my savings back up, that is vitally important when you own a horse.  Sure I have insurance but I pay vet bills all upfront and then wait for reimbursement and I'm reimbursed at only 80%.  It's still a good deal but I would rather have taken that money out of my bank then put it on the credit card.  This is just lessons learned from me to you; have a robust savings account as soon as you can when you have a horse!!!  That certainly was my intent but vet bills happen faster than you can say pony! 

Well happy horsing around! 

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ninergirl04 said...

So glad to hear that Dani's injury is healing well. Good news!! Here's hoping that your wish comes true and there will be no more injuries. Wouldn't that be wonderful? Wishful thinking I know. Enjoy your girl - looking forward to hearing about your progress with her.