November 01, 2012

Feeling Antsy Are We????

I was so happy to go see Dani yesterday.  It was hard being away when she was injured but the boarding facility was awesome and my vet was as well.  They took care of her and kept me updated via emails and texts.  Now I just have to submit the invoices to the insurance company for reimbursement for some of the fees.  It's still a big expense but after the $325 deductible I only cover 20% of the charges.  Still it would have felt better had my savings already been rebuilt after her purchase before this little incident.  Oh well!  With horses expect the unexpected.  You can never have enough money stowed aside in a rainy day or injured pony fund!!

I groomed Dani when I got to the facility, she hadn't been groomed since last I saw her and to me appeared fuzzier. She seemed happy to see me and I was very happy to see her. I walked her up and down the driveway a couple times, she was antsy from being in the stall and called out to her little friends a few times. I couldn't blame her but I still asked her not to drag me around!

All the horses around Dani's pasture seemed antsy and full of energy as well.  I'm not sure if they were excited since they hadn't seen her in a while or if the nice 60-70 degree weather just got them all riled up.  You can see from the videos that horseplay is a normal pasture pass time!

I didn't have long to spend with her since I was off that day for the purpose of getting my dogs from my parents and getting my house sorted since we have guests coming in this weekend.  Liz said I could use the end paddock for Dani so she can get out of the stall.  The end paddock is mostly dirt but borders the middle pasture and the north pasture.  The first thing my nicely groomed mare did was roll but I was expecting that since she doesn't have the room to do that in her stall.

Look at that face, all happy and dirty with hay caught in her forelock!!  Hopefully in a week she'll be back out in the big pasture with her friends, and cross my fingers, won't get injured again any time soon!  It will be two weeks before I can do any work with her per the vets instructions.  Since I just spent the money I would have used for her new saddle on her injury that's not too much of an issue but I'm anxious to begin the Clinton Anderson Fundamentals Groundwork. 

 For now I'll just have to work on lead line walking and teach my hubby the same since he's said she really invades his space.  We can do some things until she's fully healed at least!  I will eventually ride my mare I hope!  LOL.

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lytha said...

great videos!! lots going on there. i love dani's topline, her head and neck espeically, she's so lovely and balanced looking. she looks very laid back too, like you have a sensible mare. i want one!