August 16, 2014

Woodn't You Like a New Wood Floor?

The floor is wonderful!  It's strong, it looks good and it will hold up for many years!  I'm so delighted.  Yes, the floor will get dirty and look less pristine in short time.  Yes, it will be covered with mats when in use so I won't be able to admire it's beauty.  Yes, horses and donkeys will poop and pee on it.  But I am cherishing the beauty of it right now and feeling very accomplished!!

I picked up the rest of the boards I needed and Steve began cutting.  We then slid the last few full size boards in the horse part and then the tack area.  Then we came to the rounded front.  Using the old boards as a template we were able to arrange the boards and draw where to cut each piece.

Steve started out with a jigsaw but that wasn't doing the job so we got a reciprocating saw to finish it up.  That did it and we were able to get those tricky pieces cut.  Installing them was pretty easy since they are shorter and you can more easily get them into the groove and slide into place.  There were a couple that he had to adjust the ends a few times and re-cut them but nothing terrible.  

The last piece was a full sized board but only 6 inches wide that Steve had to trim down the width on one side since the gap wasn't consistently wide.  It took lots of hammering with the mallet but we got the floor in and the floor is nice and tight.  Hopefully we won't have to add any more boards when the wood shrinks a bit.  I'm hoping the gaps will be perfectly sized to allow for the drainage without huge gaps.

The floor is finished and beautiful!  Me likie!  Now I can finish removing the interior caulk and treat the rusted areas. Then I can prime and paint.  We are racing around the far turn!!  I have final touches for the outside to complete still and of course the electrical will get done soon.

Even with the inside ugly and incomplete I can still utilize the tack room when I bring the trailer to my new barn.  I'm hoping these last steps will go smoothly.  Even if it rains I shouldn't have an issue working on the inside since it stays mostly dry.

Very satisfied.....


Terry said...

Wow! Great job!

L.Williams said...

Wood flooring is rough, great job!