August 07, 2014

Darth Vader Pony!!!

My pony has transformed into a Darth Vader horse.

Hooo-purr, Hooo-purr, Hooo-purr, Hooo-purr, Hooo-purr, Hooo-purr....

No seriously, it's just a grazing muzzle.  She's wearing it part time, if we can keep it on her.  The grass is lush with recent rains and she's not used to grazing 24/7 so we want to keep it slow with her intake.  I was sad to leave her today with the muzzle on.  I'm sure she'll learn to eat and drink just fine like all the other horses that wear them do, it just sucks and I'm in worried mom mode.  Hopefully it will only be for a month or two and then she can be free as the grass dries out a bit and we turn more to hay.

Today I walked her around the easement around the pastures.  It's a 10 foot wide path that we'll have to ride sometime, very pretty views, open plains and the mountains in the distance.  It was a gorgeous evening even though I got bit by a mean fly.  Dani was good mostly at staying where she needs to while being led and didn't get too excited with nearby horses running up to her and running off.  She has settled in well and one boarder who does the feeding often (she keeps her Morgan here and only lives about 4 miles from the place) loves Dani.  She's partial to Morgans.  I get that.

After our walk we passed by the goat pens.  I love goats but these guys weren't too sure about us.  I guess looking at the shadow we did look a little monstery!  I adjusted Dani's muzzle, gave her some treats and led her into her pasture.  Hoping things go well.  It wasn't adjusted right before so I was told she ended up having a funny necklace on.  So far the new barn is smooth sailing.  I was sick for two days so didn't get to see her.....I think she remembers who I am.....LOL

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