August 05, 2014

Don't Get Too Caulky....

I've been working on caulking seams to prevent water seepage into areas of the trailer.  I have my caulk gun, my tool (which once I figured out how it worked made smoothing the beads very simple), and plenty of paper towels.  I'm getting the hang of it and able to permitting.

The last couple of weeks I've had family over and we've had tons of rain so I haven't had much luck in finding time to work.  There are places I caulked that I need to tidy up or correct.

Overall it's been pretty simple.  I'm always going to have rust bleeds at the hinges, behind bars that I can't exactly paint or caulk and the places where tie rings are attached.  Still it's coming together nicely.  Trailer maintenance is the biggest thing, especially for one kept outside.  At the first sign of rust spots you need to determine where the issue is and fix it.  I have the paint so can sand and repaint areas that get chipped etc.  I'm keeping an eye out for areas I may not have treated as well that may need extra attention.  So far so good.

The big issue I have with the Sikka Flex caulk (recommended by several trailer sites) is that the white caulk is not as bright as my paint.  At least I can touch up paint where I caulk and make it look better.  I don't like this yellowed off white look but it's doing it's job and once touched up with paint will blend back into the trailer structure.  

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