August 06, 2014

The New Barn!!!

Dani was brought to her new barn on Saturday.  The trailer loading went well aside from a minor freak out and her rope getting caught on the divider panel making it bang against the side of the trailer.  Once she stepped on L's boyfriend closed the divider.  No struggle at all.  Then their next horse was loaded on and we headed out.  She unloaded nice and slow when we arrived.

She went into her pasture, by herself for now, until the next horse arrives.  She settled right in and very matter of factly met the horses across the fence and then went on to grazing.  I came by Sunday to see how she was doing and take some pictures.  After a picture session of her, the buckskin Paladin and a dark bay Missouri Fox Trotter that is in love with her I lead Dani out to groom and walk around the property.

She was sniffing and blowing a bit so I decided to round pen her to get her thinking better.  I need to work on some of the attitude she give me sometimes, pinned ears and a shaking head when I ask her to change directions or speed.  We walked around a goat pen and one of the far paddocks.  There are 4 main 10 acre paddocks, each with a shelter and a total of 4 horses at the max.

We walked around a smaller front pasture with a miniature horse and another Morgan.  His name is Scotty and I met his owner on Saturday, perhaps we'll ride together sometime.

The views were gorgeous from the fields and barn.  This barn is further east from the black forest area but the front range is in great view as well as some of the hills to the north headed out to the Elbert area.  In all I maybe increase my drive by 10-15 minutes, not bad and this is full pasture care so I don't have to go each day to feed.

I love that Dani has space and friends to play with.  This was a good choice.  Paladin may not be a permanent pasture mate but for now he's a good one.  He is mellow and sweet.  Dani isn't too interested in him....

She's more interested in the gelding in the next pasture.  I forget his name but apparently he's abandoned his girlfriend Barbie, the chestnut Arab with a flaxen mane, to flirt with the hot redhead.  LOL.  

Anyways after I walked Dani around the barn, into the barn and the grounds I picked her hooves and treated them for thrush.  The rainy weather has seemed to do a little number on her hooves.  She has a trim coming up on Sunday and I'm really glad for it since she needs it!

It was hard to decide to move my mare but this is a well kept facility and the owner is very meticulous.  She's putting the grazing muzzle on Dani as I request since I don't want her weight to go up with the fresh grass.  I can tell she's happy here though.  After treating her hooves I brought her back to her pasture.  The horses were at the far end of the field.  After a nice long drink of fresh water Dani whinnied loud and clear.  The other horses looked up and came galloping to her.  One day and she already commands them!  Oh my goodness.

More to come as we both get used to this new location.  Eventually I'll park my trailer here and have more training sessions with her.  We will still want to go to KCRC for fun time and I want to trail ride so badly!


lytha said...

You call 10 acres a paddock? How big does it have to be before you call it a field? : )

Of course she commands them. "Where are my dragons!"

Those are the prettiest pics of Dani I've seen so far. Gorgeous mare.

Christie Maszk said...

LOL. Yeah pasture...not paddock. Thanks on the photos, actually took the SLR out with me instead of the usual cell phone pics.