August 04, 2014

Trailer Training

Not feeling comfortable with my trailer floors a barn friend, L, has been so kind to let me utilize her's.  She has a similar 3 horse slant and lots of experience with trailer issues.  I'd done a first session with Dani having her at least step up into the trailer, 2 feet.  This week has been all rain so footing has been awful, I wanted to work on trailer loading every day but didn't have the chance.

Then Thursday L and I worked with Dani.  I'm still learning this trailer thing; it's such a comfort to have an experienced person along with me.  Dani copped some attitude at times but eventually she was going onto the trailer alone with no hesitation.  She would turn around to view out the back but that was fine.  The next step was to get her to stand calmly facing the right way, L was able to do that with good success and I also tried that as well.  At one point I did get pinned to the side of the trailer when Dani turned around and I wasn't quick enough.  Bruises on my belly and elbow only.  No harm to her or scare either.

New rain sheet.  She didn't need to wear it but just trying on for size.

Friday the plan is to work more on her standing calmly, facing the right way and moving the slant partitions.  Saturday she'll be moved to her new home and once I get my floor up to par I can continue to regularly work on her with trailer loading, we'll get there.  I hope to get a trail ride in soon but we'll have to see how things go.  Nothing worth it in life ever comes easy.

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Terry said...

Good girl, Dani.