August 18, 2014

Herculean Handles

I purchased Herculiner with the intent on using this product in the area of the horse trailer that gets most beat up by hooves, the bottom portion of the inside walls.

My first test was to try it out on the two door handles, the escape door and the main door.  I applied it to the handles and to the catches.  There will need to be some touching up with white paint since some Herculiner leaked through the painters tape...but other than that I think it looks pretty nifty and will hopefully hold up to the beating these handles tend to receive.

This stuff is pretty hardcore tough just from what I've seen.  I think in hindsight I would have used Dupli-Color's brand for the handles since it's not as rough on the hands and not as thick...the doors take a bit more to shut now.  In the actual trailer I think the heavy duty quality will be awesome though.  Stay tuned...I still have outside caulking and paint touch-ups to we plan on rewiring ASAP so we can move the trailer to our new barn this coming weekend.

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