June 23, 2014

Someday I'll have the Trailer Outside Done!

I have some last minute finishing touches to complete before we can do the final layers of paint on the trailer!!  Rain this weekend has not helped with the trailer completion, can't paint when you are going to have a thunderstorm within the hour!

I got some new weather stripping for the tack room door.  Bigger than the last stuff I bought and it seems to seal the door pretty well.  I may have to add some caulk to some areas where the water can seep in to make the door meet the sides all around.  I also closed up the pipes around the inside of the door.

I hadn't realized that this was conducting any water in and through the metal pipe and leaving a rusty residue on my freshly painted door.  I'll have to sand this later and then prime it again.

We also removed the old breakaway cable and since my hubby had to drill it off we were left with sharp edges.  I covered that in Bondo and will have to retouch that area.

Hopefully some day this week after work I'll have decent enough weather to sand and prime those areas.  I'd love to start painting some sections but don't want to get my hopes up.  Looks like we have some weather headed our way.  Good for fire season, bad for painting a trailer outside!

After the final painting I've decided I'll add Herculiner truck bed liner to the "steps" by the tack room and escape door.  It will add extra protection and a slip free surface.

We've also decided that it would also make sense for parts of the door handles to have the truck bed liner rolled on it tooo.  Paint will always be scratched off these areas.  It's frustrating when I want to get a coat of paint on the trailer but just can't.  If only my two car garage was big enough to accommodate the trailer and didn't opening into a narrow alley.  That would be the prime place to work!

Tomorrow or this week after work
Sand tack room Bondo
Sand breakaway kit Bondo
Touch up with primer

Maybe this weekend? 
Paint trailer
Attach drip rail and fender guards
Apply Reflective strips
Replace exterior lights with new LED lights

I'll wait to do the Herculiner for a few days to make sure the painters tape won't pull off any of my fresh paint!  I'm frustrated not being able to complete this project yet.  Oh well, all in time.

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