June 11, 2014

Final Prep

Steve and I formed a corral around the trailer and a warning sign.  The trailer is up on jack stands with cinder blocks for additional support.  Not exactly the most stable thing if we have water cut through the property and under the trailer.

The wheel bearings and brakes are sealed off with plastic and I applied corroseal in the wheel wells as the final place needing rust treatment.

I was hoping to start painting but forgot how long it takes to tape off everything!!  I got the front tack room windows taped up. And then worked on getting the inside of the trailer windows taped off.

We don't want any paint getting into the interior before we've removed the caulking and treated rust with corroseal.  That will come down the road. When I was done it felt like a tent inside the trailer.

I had wanted to try and build a tarped paint booth but the winds kicked up and there was no way I was getting the tarps to stay put with tape.  Plan B.  Get up really early in the mornings when there is less wind and paint at that time.  Hopefully that won't be a big issue.

As you can see the plastic was blowing like crazy!  I accidentally took this picture, I was trying to get a video.  Next time I redo a trailer I will make sure I have a garage I can use to do all the work in.  My garage backs to a narrow alley.  Getting the trailer in there would be nearly impossible!!!  We'll get ur done.


lytha said...

this is so exciting! way better than my recent bathroom renovation project!

Terry said...

You're almost to the fun part!