June 25, 2014

Pony Doesn't Like Lightning

What do people do when out trail riding or camping and a storm like this occurs?  What if you have your horse in an temporary paddock at camp?  End of August I'm hopefully we'll make it on an overnight trip with Dani but I worry how she'll react without the shelter.  When this rain started she was out in the paddock and came running back to the shed.


Terry said...

Dani's smart staying in her shelter in the nasty weather.
Our horses are pretty good, and our little dog isn't scared of thunder, but our old cat hides under the bed. Poor guy.55

Happy Pony said...

We've been stuck in some nasty rain/wind/hail out trail riding. I let my horse decide whether they want to keep going or whether they're happiest turning their backs to it and waiting it out. The only thunder/lightning has luckily been within a quick ride of home. I treat it the same as normal spooky stuff - keep their attention focused on you and keep them busy with more interesting things:)Most horses that live outside are ok with a bit of crazy weather, I've always found my more inexperienced or reactive ones will take a cue from their older, steadier buddies and not get too worked up. I'm sure you'll have nice weather for your trip though! :)