June 14, 2014

Primed for Action!!

I spent a good morning and early afternoon getting a final prime coat on the trailer.  Rollers and brushes...meh.  They actually are doing a decent job, the roller puts a slight texture on the trailer which hides all the tiny imperfections.  Awesome, I'll take it!

I've gotten it down to a system on how to paint the odd angles, the railings the crevices and seams.  The next two layers of actual gloss white paint will go on much quicker...plus I hope to enlist the hubby for at least one coat of it!

I did prime the inside of the tack room door since we removed the worn out seals and have new stuff to add.  It will be nice to get the door sealed so water doesn't come into the corner of the tack room.  I'm pleased with the progress just wishing things had gone a little faster this week (I'd taken off time from work to get work done on the trailer).  Issues always come up that increase your timeline; spray gun issues, weather issues....etc.  What can you do? It's nice that Rusty is starting to look like a decent trailer again!  I'm hoping he'll be welcoming to Dani as well!


Terry said...

Wow! It's looking really good!

Kit Marie SavvyEquus said...

Awesome! Really good looking!! :)