June 02, 2014

Caulk removal and More Rust Conversion

Steve and I finally finished up getting the sticky residue and caulking off the trailer, at least the outside for now.  It's painstakingly slow but Goof Off has a formula for caulk and a formula for the sticker residue.  Since I removed all the reflective tape there were many places that had sticker residue.  Goof off and a razor blade worked like a charm.  The sticky stuff combined with the goof was like boogers falling off my trailer.  Yuck! 

There was also caulking all around the windows since the previous owners had retrofit a Plexiglas cover for the windows to enclose the trailer.  The caulk Goof Off worked well.  I soaked the strip with the solution, wiped it up a little and then attacked it with a wire brush getting into all the crevices.  It was like I was brushing the trailer's teeth.  It's all finally removed.

We then did a once over for all the seams.  Steve used the wire brush drill bit I'd purchased.  It worked pretty well and helped me when I had to remove the last sticky residue...the seal for the tack room.  We had new sealing on order to install for the tack room door.  Until then we have plastic sheeting taped over it to prevent the water from pooling on the tack room floor.

After a quick wash to remove the Goof Off residue and other debris Steve and I applied Corroseal to the rest of the trailer.  All the seams with rust were coated and the nose of the trailer too.  The bull nose hitch will have to wait for another time, I have to get in there and remove a bunch of globby lube the previous owner put on right before we bought the trailer.  We'll treat the hitch with Corroseal but will probably only paint the top and only lightly.  The underside will have oil on it for lubrication and that creates a layer for rust prevention.

We are almost getting to the fun part!!!

Next step:

Fill in the holes from removed screws with Bondo

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