June 03, 2014

Holey moley!!

The entire rusty areas of the outside of the trailer have been treated with Corroseal.  The next step was to fill in all the holes left over from screws that held a hay cage, screws that supported the Plexiglas windows and screws that had been there and were taken out for who knows what reason.

Bondo is used in car renovations so I grabbed myself a kit that included the wire mesh for the larger holes.  The Bondo is composed of a grey material in the can.  You get about a golf ball size of that into the mixing pan and add about 1.25 inch strip of the hardening agent from the tube.  You only have a couple minutes of working time so it's actually better to use small amounts at a time.

For the largest hole I used Corroseal on the inside and outside.  I applied the Corroseal deep into this pipe to treat as much of the area as possible.  Then I placed the metal mesh over the hole...after a 24 hour cure for the Corroseal of course!

Then the Bondo is mixed and I slapped it on.  I put it on thicker than the picture shows.  I don't want to see the mesh and I don't care if you can see bumps in it at the final stage.  Of course you sand once the Bondo is hardened but I'm just looking for the water seepage prevention rather than aesthetics here.

Some holes are small enough I can just apply the Bondo directly.....

Others will require the mesh placed over the hole first.  This hole below I noticed had not received the Corroseal treatment so I had to address that and then go back the next day and finish it up.   I'll sand in the next day or so and I am sure after the first prime coat I will see areas that need more sanding and perhaps more Bondo to get it really smooth.

Like I said I'm not trying to make this a fancy show trailer.  I just want to repair and mitigate future issues.  Getting excited that we are almost ready for the painting stage.  At least the outside.  We still have the tack room and the horse area.....but the outside was the beast.  I think I got all the screw holes but with the handful of different colors on this trailer it's hard to tell if I missed any!

Next steps:

Sand Bondo areas
Set trailer on jack stands
Corroseal the wheel wells

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