November 01, 2013

Long in the tooth

I've been a bad blogger.  But my excuse is that work has been very busy lately.  I've been working on a major plan change and writing A LOT.  So blogging just hasn't sounded like fun to me after work!

KCRC set up a vaccine and floating clinic.  Perfect!  I got Dani all her shots and an updated Coggins test.  Then she got her teeth worked on.  Last year I had just bought her and she'd not had this done in many years.  She had long incisors and very sharp points.  This time she wasn't as bad.  They just needed to smooth out a couple edges.

The big mobile trailer was awesome but of course even a drugged up Dani had issues with wanting to walk into the trailer.  She eventually got in with encouragement.  I felt helpless but figured I'd let the doctor handle it, I couldn't exactly lunge her in a circle while drugged up anyways.

The holding stall looked supportive and she didn't seem to be too worried.  But when the filing started she jerked her head a bit.  She usually needs more sedative than other horses.  I find that interesting.  The doctor also mentioned to his new assistant that most horses aren't as difficult as her.  LOL.  My Daenerys of course is a difficult horse.  She's just a little redhead that let's you know her opinion on things.  All in all though it went well and I was glad her tooth health is good, it feels great to get her vaccines, coggins and floating all done with for the winter it's satisfying just like when I got all that hay!

All drugged up the assistant helped me guide her up the little hill to her pen where Dani just stood in the sun and rested.  With the extra shots she usually takes a bit to wake back up.  Her ears followed me around as I mucked the stall though.  She's so cute all sleepy.

There were more mules than horses that came to the clinic.  It was a pretty good turn out!  I hung out and just chatted horse stuff with everyone.  Talked to Jim about trailers, and met new gals and talked about trail riding.  Some of the trail ride leaders are always asking when I'll come out with them.  I sure hope to next year!  It was a great day, not too cold either.  Once Dani was more awake I took off for home to get things done there.  I returned that evening to feed her and she was back to her active self so I felt more than comfortable giving her the full evenings feeding.

The following week we had a hoof trim and her hooves were looking great my farrier said.  Sweet!  I've been using the riders rasp on her hooves to round them and using the hoof ointment more often even though our weather is getting more consistent now compared to the summer.  I'll keep on it.  Also with the addition of her hoof supplement in 6 months her feet will be stellar!!  Here's hoping!

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