November 23, 2013


KCRC had their maintenance day last weekend.  We did various clean-up chores around the grounds and moved equipment into storage for the winter.  That same day the ranch that is just north of us utilized our sorting pens to haul their cattle (I'm assuming the adults are going to slaughter...."coming to a dinner plate near you!").  The cows live on several hundred acres of land so these pens are only for them to sort the animals and then load them up on the trucks.  Man they make a raucous!  


I'm not a country girl, and I'm not a cowgirl so it was fun to see the cowboys herd the moo's into the pens and do this cowboy work.  Someday I think it'd be great to have a miniature Jersey Cow as a pet to graze with my horses.  No interest in raising my own dinner.  I like buying my organic steaks at Wholefoods...pre-cut and ready to grill!

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