November 07, 2013

Are You Afraid Of The Dark?

The time change.  Fall back in the U.S. where we set the clocks back an hour to save light???  That means it's getting dark when I get off work. I'd prefer to have more light in the evening and go to work in the dark.  Oh well it's not up to me.  It will progressively get darker sooner until December 21st.  Then the days will slowly get longer and the time change will occur again in the spring.  Ugh.  At least I only really have a couple months of near pitch black at the barn.  When I arrived around 4:30 pm is was a little light so I worked on yielding the hindquarters and desensitizing to the whip.  Of course at first with lashing the whip on the ground little girl got freaked out but eventually remembered...."oh yeah just stand and go to sleep".  I need to work on the whip and other noises more often....I think it will be really good for her!

So later in the evening I tested out my lighting plan.  The arena lights are very bright and expensive to boarders don't have access to those.  I got a work light from Home Depot.  It's a total of 1,000 watts and is on a tripod that sets up to about 6 feet tall.  It works pretty nice!  It gave the area I needed for groundwork a good glow.  Dani wasn't bothered by the light either.

When it began getting darker I left her in the arena and went back to the stall to grab my supplies.  150 feet of extension cord and a cord connector.  I've found I need to get a spool because in the cold I"m having issue winding up all those feet!  My girl was neighing her head off in distress but calmed down once I returned.  I set the light up with my little red mare sniffing at the lamps, not worried at all.  I found a location out of the arena that illuminated what I wanted and made me happy to not have to worry about cords or lights in the way of a trotting Morgan.  We did a little more groundwork, just circling and turning in and some leading.  She wasn't worried.  Excellent.  I'll have to get some plans in place for what "training" we'll work on in the dark!  See darkness isn't so bad.

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